Memorial Information – Denessa Smith

Courtesy of Michelle Belanger:

Denessa Smith Memorial Celebration
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
7pm to 10 pm
7:30 pm Ritual
Bishop Park, Wyandotte, MI

Please join the Pagan community to honor Denessa’s life and work. Come raise your voices with Michelle Belanger, Dorothy Morrison, Coventry Creations, Cov/42 Productions, FOCAS, MEC, Pagan Path Community Center, Pagan Pride Detroit, Undeniable Entertainment, Witches of Michigan and members of the Tempest Smith Foundation along with tributes from Christopher Penczak and Kerr Cuhulian.

Denessa was able to bring hope out of tragedy, and that will be our goal with this group ritual.

This ceremony is going to be a memorial, but it is also going to be a celebration. Denessa was a woman who drank deeply of wine and pleasure and flesh and joy, and, accordingly, we ask that people bring their best desserts and other favorite sweets and drinks to share (as it’s a public park, no alcohol). Please also bring a chair. If you have not shared comments for the family at, feel free to bring a single page with a blessing, comment, or prayer for Denessa that will be passed on to the family.

If you would like to make donations to the family or to continue Denessa’s vision, you may bring a check made out to Annette Crossman or follow the instructions on the above website.


A Bright and Shining Star Moves Through the Veil

In 2001, I was involved with the Teen Witch Forum at Delphiforums (later to be Teen Witch Online). It was through TWF/TWO and Pagan Pride that I became loosely aquainted with Tempest Smith’s mother, Denessa. She provided us with a lot of information and interview tapes for our use to build the anti-bullying section of the website. Sadly, I lost touch with her after I left TWO in 2004.

Tempest Smith committed suicide in February of 2001, finding that her only solution to escape the bullies that tormented her. Tempest was different, and her family was different – she had become a target. Tempest was a beautiful, creative child who likely would have gone on to bigger and better things. Denessa carried her child in her heart for these past seven years, constantly working towards and fighting for tolerance for people of different religions, different sexual preference, different lives. Denessa carried on, as only a heartsore mother can.

This morning, I received a phone call from an old friend (Mitchy), who told me to get online and read Michelle Belanger’s blog. She was in tears – I’ll have to call her back later to make sense out of anything else she might have said.

I hopped on and went to Michelle’s blog, finding a memorial written for Denessa. A brave and tireless fighter for tolerance, peace and understanding has gone on to through the Veil, to the Summerland. I’ve envisioned her crossing much as I did my grandmother’s – Tempest waited at the Gate for Denessa, just as Gramps waited for Gran.

My heart and prayers go out to Denessa’s wife, family and friends.

May she find peace and solace in Tempest’s arms, may they reunite happily beyond the Veil.

Michelle’s Memorial –
Raven’s Coven Memorial –
Tempest Smith Foundation –

Baseball Update – SILVER!

I won’t be available the evenings of League games, the weekends of tourneys, and the week of July 16th-22nd. After July 22nd, I promise to keep the baseball posts to a minimum. ;)

Regular League Game Wrap-up:
Well, we lost two games during regular league play this year. At least in the second case (June 14) I know it was a fair game. As for the other… well, I’m glad we’ll have an alternate ump kicking around when we’re in play-offs. Yeah, the Altona girls are good, but it was very obvious the calls were leaning well into their favor.

The Miami PeeWee Girls were the “Team of the Week” for CKMW radio June 9-13. The van was out to announce the game and have some fun on the 12th. We had a good showing that night, definitely.

Tonight (July 8th) we had the last game of league play – the playoff against ‘that other team’. Miami PeeWee Girls earned the Silver Medal in the Border League. YAY! cheer

And now that league (L) play is done, it’s into play-offs (P), tournaments (T) and Provincial championships (C).

Here’s the rundown:

Provincials (Wpg. Norberry-Glenlee Centre) – July 18-20th

Current (full) scores:
(L) May 8 – 24-11 M
(L) May 13 – 34-5 M
(L) May 15 – 16-4 M
(L) May 20 – 21-3 M
(T) May 24 – 11-11 M/PlaP
(T) May 24 – 24-3 M
(L) May 27 – 24-1 M
(L) May 29 – 24-5 M
(L) June 5 – 16-3 A
(T) June 7 – canceled (rained out)
(T) June 7 – canceled (rained out)
(T) June 7 – canceled (rained out)
(L) June 10 – rescheduled (14)
(L) June 12 – 32-4 M
(L) June 14 – 15-12 C
(T) June 15 – rescheduled – 22 (rained out)
(T) June 15 – rescheduled – 22 (rained out)
(P) June 19 – 13-12 M (I think, I know we won, and it was close)
(T) June 22 – 12-11 B
(T) June 22 – 4-2 M
(P) June 24 – Miami at Altona – rescheduled
(T) June 28 – canceled (rained out)
(T) June 28 – canceled (rained out)
(T) June 28 – canceled (rained out)
(T) July 1 – 12-10 PlaP
(T) July 1 – 15-8 M
(T) July 6 – 14-8 Mor
(T) July 6 – 16-14 M
(P) July 8 – 8-1 A (Miami placed Silver for Border League)
(C) July 18 –
(C) July 19 -
(C) July 19 -
(C) July 19 -
(C) July 20 – possible
(C) July 20 – possible

I’ll be re-dating this when it comes time to change any information.