New Materials

I’ve just posted a handful of reviews, all of which have been hanging in the “submitted, but never acknowledged” pile. Some of them for well into five years, others just a year or so. I’d expected better from those publications, but…whatever. Bless them, I wish them well.

Over the next while, I hope to get the rest of the reviews on the harddrive and disks onto the site, as well as the healing articles, the recipes, the crafts and definitely more links. I’ve found a few other sites with some wonderful kids and teens materials and it’s definitely time for a refresher in that area. As for the re-design of the site, I am still working on an ST-specific theme for the blog. I have to admit, it’s been hard to ‘see’ something suitably pagan in my mind before I start out. I had something, but realized it would work better elsewhere.

See, over the past two years I’ve felt extremely disillusioned with the pagan community in general. It used to be I was only irked by the locals, but now I see far too much of that behaviour in the entire community. I know we at Glas Celli can be damned insular, but we have done our best to support various projects and causes with absolutely no return to our projects and causes. So – we’ve become even more insular. We love sharing our spaces with others, but have few to share it with.

As of May 2007, I personally pulled my support from the Gaia Gathering conferences and the members of Glas Celli voted unanimously to skip 2008; as of September 2007, Glas Celli and I are no longer affiliated with Pagan Pride Day events. We hope that given some time and space, we may wish to step forward again. Individual members will have individual plans for attending outside gatherings and circles.

This has given me some time to reflect on paganism in general, and I will no doubt be adding some thoughts to the SoapBox area.

It is a new year, and with it, new thoughts and new beginnings.


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