Sprites – How to make paper

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You’ll need:
1 blender
paper, denim etc. for pulp
2 screens a little larger than the paper size you want
towels (& for us lazy people an iron)

1. select medium:
My personal choice is denim and toilet paper (NOTE: if you decide to use denim cut it into 1/2 inch squares before blending to get the same coloring you may want to try dryer lint as it is a lot easier)

2. blend the medium with water, to a pulp need i say more? try for an oatmeal consistency

3. now the fun part with your hands smear the pulp on the screen to a little more than the size you want (you may be cutting the edges for a clean look) place your flowers glitter string etc. on the pulp where you want it.

4. top with other screen

5. place between towels for thinner paper i use 2 towels on each side and then place heavy books on top

6. let sit for a day or so

7. if still moist Iron the dampness out or put it back between the towels

Viola you’ve made paper!!!

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