UPDATED – Books For Sale!

We live in a small house, with very small rooms and honestly, my bookcases take up a third of the space around here. Therefore – I’m breaking my heart, and downsizing.

Even with the new bookshelf (thank you, Glas Celli!) there are just too many books, some of which have been read gently once, and tucked back into the stacks, as tightly as though they were still in a crate somewhere. I’d rather they be read, than not, if you know what I mean – some of these haven’t even been opened since 2001.

So, here we go with the first of two or three lists of books I’ll be selling, and due to various reasons, they are for the most part in mint condition. If there is more than one book per author, I’ll group them together, but they are priced individually. We have pets, and prior to 2003 we lived in a house with a smoker.

These are all $5 each, or $40 for all still available – shipping to be paid by purchaser (actual cost dependent on weight, location and method of shipping).
Funds will go to support The New Bedlam Project.

If you’re interested, please use the contact page to get in touch. Thanks!

One is the Sun by Patricia Nell Warren

Coffee Wisdom by Theresa Francis-Cheung

Teen Witch
Witches Night Out
Witches Night of fear
Witches Key to Terror
Murder at Witches Bluff
Beneath a Midnight Moon by Silver RavenWolf

The Wiccan Path by Rae Beth

Celebrating Times of Change by Stanley J. A. Modrzyk

Basic Magick
Basic Sigil Magic
Candle Magic by Phillip Cooper

The Crone Oracles by Victoria Ransom and Henrietta Bernstein

Ritual Magic Workbook
Magical Use of Thought Forms by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Invoke the Gods by Kala Trobe

Ariadne’s Thread by Shekinah Mountainwater

The Witches Master Grimoire by Lady Sabrina

Exploring Spellcraft
The Wicca Spellbook by Gerina Dunwich

(Originally posted Feb. 22, 2010, updated Feb. 3, 2011)

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