Sprites – Meditations Part One

These were posted on a mailing list, and thanks to Sonia,we can now list author and book!!
Author: Maureen Garth
Book: Earthlight, Starbright and Moonbeam
Publisher: Harper Collins Religious

The Star Prelude

I want you to see above your head a beautiful, beautiful star. This star is very special to you, as it is your very own star. It can be any color you like. You might see it as being a purple star, or perhaps a pink one, or blue, or yellow, or is it a speckled star? Or a silver one? Because it is your very own star, it could be any color or colors you choose. This special star is filled with white light, lovely white light that shimmers and glows.

I want you to see this light streaming down toward you until it reaches the very top of your head. And now I want you to bring this pure light down through your head and take it right down your body until your whole body is filled with this glorious white light. I want you to feel the light going down your arms, right down, until you feel it reaching your hands and going into each and every finger. Feel that light going down the trunk of your body, down until it reaches your legs, and when you feel it there, take it right down until it comes to your feet and then feel the light going through each toe.

I now want you to look into your heart and to fill your heart with love for all the people and animals in the world. They are your friends, be they small or large. Can you see your heart getting bigger and bigger? Its expanding because you have so much love in your heart for all these people and the animals, and of course for yourself.

Now your guardian angel is waiting to wrap golden wings of protection around you before taking you into your garden. The angels wings are very large and very soft, just like down. Everyone has there own guardian angel and that guardian angel takes care of you and protects you always, so you are never alone. Its important to remember this and to know that you have someone that looks after you with love and care.

Your guardian angel is now going to take you to a garden that is your own special place, but before you enter I want you to look at the large tree that is outside. This tree is called the Worry Tree. I want you to pin on this tree anything that might worry you, perhaps you have had some arguments at school or maybe you are having difficulty with your school work. This tree will take any worries at all, be it with your friends or or family. This tree accepts anything that you would care to pin there.

Your guardian angel is now opening the gate for you to enter, and as you go in you find the colors are like nothing you have seen before. The beauty of the flowers, the colors, the textures, and the perfume – breathe them in. The grass is a vivid green and the sky a beautiful blue with little white fluffy clouds. It is very peaceful in your garden. It is full of love and harmony.

You may feel this prelude is very long, but it is wise to create with care, thought, and feeling the setting your child is entering. When your child is used to it, the prelude may become shorter, as it is not always necessary to describe the star and the angel in such full detail. Then it becomes something like the shorter version below.

I want you to see above your head a beautiful, beautiful star. This star is filled with lovely white light. I want you to bring the white light from that star right down through your body until you can feel it in every part of your body, and your heart is filled with love for all humanity and for all creatures great and small.

Your guardian angel is waiting for you to wrap a golden cloak of protection around you and take you to the Worry Tree. Put anything that worries you on the tree, and then your guardian will open the gate and take you inside the garden. Your garden is filled with glorious flowers, the grass and the trees are an emerald green, and the sky a deep blue with little white clouds.

After you have set the seen, as it were, you can do anything with the children that you think that they would enjoy. Become a child again yourself, I think you will be surprised at the pleasure these flights of fantasy will give you.

* * * *

The Animals

As you walk down the path in your special garden, you feel the warmth of the sun caressing you. There is a very gentle breeze blowing, and you can hear the birds calling to each other. There is nothing in your garden that can harm you; each and every creature lives in harmony with the others.

I want you to feel the peace that is flowing in your garden and the gentleness of all who live there. Your path is winding through the trees, and it will take you to a water hole where all the animals come to drink. When you go down to the water’s edge you will find the animals coming over to say “hello” to you.

There are tortoises who are very slow and ponderous and love the feel of the sun on their shells. The proud white swans go by gracefully, while the ducks make lots of noise. Now you can see some deer coming down to drink, and walking with them are lions and tigers. You can pat them when they reach you and give them a big cuddle, as all these creatures love being cuddled. In your garden there are no fierce animals because they have no reason to be afraid, and neither have you.

The hippopotamuses are having a lovely time washing themselves and each other with the water, and now the elephants are joining in. I think you should step into the water and swim with them. If you feel a little tired, you can climb on the back of the elephant and let it hose you down.

I can see the giraffes coming to drink. If you get out now, I am sure you can have a ride on the back of one of them. Yes, you are getting onto the giraffe’s back now and off you go. Because you are sitting up so high, you can see into the trees, and it is wonderful to be able to do this. You can stroke the kangaroos and look into there pouches, very gently of course, and there’s a squirrel. Isn’t it a busy little creature.

I am going to leave you now to explore your garden with your newfound friends. If you want to get off the giraffe’s back and go by foot, that’s all right. Perhaps you might decide to ride on a tiger for a change. There is so much to see and do, and I know you will have a lovely, lovely time…..

* * * *

The Grandfather Tree

The air is so fresh and clean, the perfume of the flowers is rich, and the sun a huge golden ball, sending down a very gentle heat. The trees are waving their arms in welcome. They have been waiting for you to come into your special garden, and the trees want to talk to you. If you listen you can hear them saying: “Coming to me, come to me.”

There is one tree that stands out from the others. He is very, very old. He is the grandfather of all the trees, and he is full of knowledge and wisdom. There is nothing this tree doesn’t know. He has been watching what happens around him ever since he was a young sapling.

He has a very thick trunk and big, big roots going out through the earth. As they go down into the depths of the earth, these roots push the earth up, making mounds big enough to sit on. This Grandfather Tree has plenty of branches with beautiful green leaves, so many leaves it’s a wonder he can hold the branches as high in the air as he does.

The breeze is rustling the grass and the leaves on the trees are making sounds that are like the purest music one could imagine.

I want you to walk up to the Grandfather Tree. As you approach the trunk of this tree, you will see there is a door with a little handle. I want you to open this door and go inside. Close the door quietly behind you now, and you will find the inside of the tree is lit with a golden glow. In this glow, you can see passageways going through the branches. There is also another pathway going down the trunk into the roots.

Why don’t you go and investigate? You have plenty of time to choose which way to go. I wonder what you will find? I think there are rooms off these passageways that hold all sorts of knowledge. Some have lots of toys. There are always people around to keep you company whom you can talk to. They will be able to answer your questions. If you want to remain on your own, you only have to say so and you can go into the room of your choice and do the things you most want to do.

I shall now leave you to explore your special tree……

* * * *

The Little White Cloud

Your guardian angel is closing the gate behind you, and your garden is beautiful. The colors are so rich and luxuriant, with that deep blue sky and the sun a radiant golden ball. And there are perky white clouds floating by.

As you go down your garden path, you will find that one of the white clouds has come down from the sky to take you for a ride. I want you to climb onto this cloud. It is lovely and fluffy-perhaps its made of cotton wool? Or is it made out of cotton candy? Look, there is a little seat with a set of leather reins. You don’t have to tell this cloud where to go as it floats off into the wide blue sky. Your cloud knows where it is going.

Now you are leaving the planet Earth behind. I want you to look below. You will see Earth like a gigantic ball with many different patterns. You can see that these are the forests, the rivers, and the mountains. The clusters of buildings are the cities, and they are tightly packed in, but where the sheep, horses, and cattle graze, there are only a few buildings and barns. If you look very closely you can see your home way, way below you.

And off you go, up and up, floating very peacefully on your soft downy cloud. The higher you go, the smaller Earth will appear to you, until it becomes just a speck in the distance. Have a good look around. You will see other small clouds that have children just like you who have been brought from their gardens to feel the freedom of floating in the heavens.

These little clouds are now stopping at a very large cloud. You can step off now and go for a walk on this big cloud. The other children are getting off too. You will find there are people there who like living in the clouds. They are called the Cloud People, and they wear flowing white robes with fluffy shoes and hats. The Cloud People love showing off there land of clouds to children-grown ups are only sometimes invited, and then only if they have the right kind of imagination.

There is so much to do on this cloud. You certainly won’t fall off, even if you hang over the side by the tips of your toes, because they have a different law of gravity in Cloud Land. There are slippery dips and swings and round a bouts to ride. You can even go swimming in the cloud pool, which is all white and foamy.

What fun you can have here, so I think I will leave you now……

(Part Two in next post…)

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