R – Tarot for Teens

Title: Tarot for Teens
Author: M.J. Abadie
Publisher: Bindu Books
Copyright: 2002 M.J. Abadie
ISBN: 0-89281-917-0
Pages: 245
Price: $14.95 US

As the market floods with ‘teen’ books, particularly in the last few years, it’s become increasingly difficult to find quality among quantity. There doesn’t seem to be nearly as many teen divination topics as there are teen witch/pagan topics, and this book was a refreshing opportunity. I was delighted, not to mention intrigued, when it came across my desk.

Many teens seem to find their way to pagan paths through an early fascination with tarot cards and other forms of “fortune telling”. And then reality hits them with the stunning truth that it’s not all eye-blinks and nose-twitches, and they turn away. However, should the teen pick up this book along with his or her tarot deck, they’ll learn much more than just tarot. Ms. Abadie subtly includes so much more than just the run-of-the-mill symbolism and meaning. She plunges into in depth detail of all manner of symbolism, from color to shape to numerical. And all of this is done in a manner kids can relate to.

That is another thing – despite the title, this is one teen book that actually focuses on all teens, not just young adults. Many teen books are too focused on the older teens, from 17 and up. Oft-times, the younger set, 12 to 16 can’t quite grasp the concepts and leave the knowledge they set out to procure. Ms. Abadie does an admirable job in including all the teen years.

In all honesty I was expecting to see the generalized, all too common explanations of the cards themselves. What I found were relational descriptions of the Arcanas, the Suits, and then the cards themselves. The descriptions were much more involved than usual, and focused on relating to the teen’s life. But, she left plenty of room for personal interpretation as well.

Quote: Pg. 33 ‘Blessing Your Cards’
“I find that performing a short blessing ceremony over my cards before each use enhances my ability to get good results from my interpretations. It’s rather like saying ‘Grace’ before meals. You can devise your own blessing, making it either very simple or more complex as you see fit. You may feel comfortable with a brief acknowledgement of the Higher Power that stands behind the cards and your use of them, or you may prefer to elaborate your blessing with a prayer or some other method of preparing yourself. A simple blessing ritual I often use is to just place the entire deck on the table and then hold my hands over it, palms down, and say, silently or out loud,
‘I call upon the Higher Powers to bless and protect these cards as my intention is to use them for good only. I request that only good shall come from my use, and I declare any negativity will be turned away.’”

As an advocate for pagan teens, I feel strongly that this book will enhance the learning experience and become a life-long companion for any finding the Tarot a satisfactory part of their spiritual lives.

Jodi Lee, aka ierne, is a 20+ year veteran of pagan paths. A single work at home mom, she is currently hard at work on her first novel.


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