About Sacred Triskele

Sacred Triskele was my dream, in early 1999. It started out as Triskele on the old free Homestead sites. Then, because of trouble with layout in different browers and my own growing skills in HTML and image design, I moved it to free sites at whatever company it is that runs Faithweb.

Finally, in the fall of 2001 I believe, I moved it over to Drak.net with a domain name and the whole package. And this is where we are today.

Sacred Triskele embodies my eclectic nature; although I’m a Celt at heart and by blood, I have strong leanings for some Egyptian and some Greek deities. Occasionally I see a Mayan in my dreams, leading me to a stream on the other side of what looks like a temple. I am open to their calls, and for the most part my matron – Morrighan – doesn’t seem to mind sharing my attention. So far!

This site has been through many, many, many incarnations. It housed so many different projects over the years that I’ve honestly lost track. Presently, my writing site is housed under a subdomain with it’s own domain name (jodilee.ca), and I’ve got Belfire Press, Needfire Poetry and The New Bedlam Project. The New Bedlam Project occupies two sections – a plain html site and a WPCMS for the ‘zine itself. The girls each have a blog, but never remember to use them. Stuff changes around here faster than I blink, but ST itself remains the same. For now.

Over the next while, returning visitors will notice some face-lifts going on here at ST. Major facelifts… it needed doing, and it was about time I got with the program and installed a content management system. And since I didn’t like the other ones I had available to me, I decided on modifying WordPress to suit my evil purposes.

As a matter of fact, those of you who have followed the site around the net in its many incarnations will have noticed that I settled into a rut. A deep one. I mean after all, I used to switch looks when Momma Natura switched her outer garments ;) Hey, I’ve even got some new pages with new stuff going in! That’s some big steps I’m taking here, since a lot of this stuff has been dragged around since the old Homestead days…

Not all of the articles I moved over here are kid-friendly – I warn you now – don’t email and complain about it later. I have a kids section, it’s clearly marked in the Network listings. Find it – it says Sprites Pagan Kids. Yes, I’ve become an old grouch in the last while, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

Thank you for visiting Sacred Triskele, I hope you enjoy your stay!

(Updated 11-23-2011)

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