Morrighan’s Bio

Merry Meet!!

I am Morrighan Corvidae, also occasionally remembered as ierne LLoerCariad, mundanely known as Jodi Lee. Would you like a cuppa tea? I am so glad you could stop by and visit!

Oh, you would like to get to know me better…okay, well. I am a 30-something practicing witch and Elder of Glas Celli, in the Triskele Celtic/Eclectic Tradition. I have been pagan for 20+ years, and a witch for a lot of those. As a practicing witch however, I have a little less time; it took a while to find a path suited to me. A few years ago I heard the call of the Goddess’ Rhiannon, Cerridwen and the Morrighan and here I am. Ya know – when the Morrighan decides she wants you, you HAVE TO listen. With both ears. Trust me.

I write, a lot. You can follow the insanity at my author blog – Jodi Lee – Into the Mirror.

I’m a freelancer most of the time, both editing and design. Click the links for my portfolios.

I am publisher and editor in chief of Belfire Press, and the imprints The New Bedlam Project and Needfire Poetry.

What’s that? Personal life? Well… that was rather personal. Oh, well, all right.

I have two great kids, who are well behaved most of the time, and wild ‘n crazy the rest of the time. Fun most of the time! Divorced and currently single, I think I’m far too settled in my ways to add any more insanity to the mix… but one never knows. If some guy or gal can handle me, two daughters, a multitude of rats, cats and dogs… I’d be willing to give it a shot.


This triskele tattoo was a birthday gift from a wonderful man who was in my life all too briefly, but is still in touch occasionally. The first real freedom I’d had in many years!



I had another one done in October of 2003 after my grandfather passed away, a vampiric ankh of my own design.


And this shows you what I did at the end of February, 2004, partly because I’d finally let go of a lot of hurt and partly because damn it – I was running out of ear space! Body mods are kinda cool, and of course more are planned…


A pic of the new tattoo dedicated to my grandfather, grandmother, uncle and twin daughters (all in the Summerlands) will be posted soon!


I’m single again and appreciating it. I think I’ve gone past the needs and wants of having a man or woman in my life. For all I know I’m probably too settled into my ways to let someone in too close. Still, a warm back to stick cold feet on would be fun… ;)

I used to have a lot more information in my bio here, but honestly…I’m letting it go. As I’ve said many, many times – Morrighan takes care of her own, and she does so with a vengence unlike those of mortals. ;)

Updated, 11-23-11