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I’ll be posting my current craft projects here; mostly needlework, sometimes crochet – or the dread sewing/knitting lessons! I’ve realized I really should have paid more attention to my grandmother when she tried to teach me these things…. :)

In Progress

Updating to add some finished pieces, and note I’ve finally done the pattern for the Hand-to-Hand Sharing group! It’s on graph paper and fairly light, so once it’s done I’ll post it. I have to make two, actually – one for Sam, who won the contest last winter, and one for the group. The font design is a particular favorite, and the “Not all who wander are lost” Tolkien quote works quite well with it.

I’m still working on my mom’s Mr. & Mrs. Frosty Christmas towels that were her present in 2012. The pattern is so faint on the material, and I’ve had so much other stuff going on… but, Mrs. Frosty is nearly complete, and then… she wants me to frame them. They’re towels! Argh!


I’m also working on a sampler design for her present next year. The alphabet and numbers, obviously, as well as representations of our family (for me, as an example, it’s books), pixel people Grandma & Grandpa, and mom’s house. Unless I run it through ProStitch – which isn’t even installed yet – I won’t be able to post a pic until I get it done. Still, you get the idea if you’ve seen cross stitch samplers before.

I have four pieces waiting to be washed, dried and framed. Three are birth records, and one is a piece done for the Belfire contest last spring. Good thing the winner is local and knows how crazy things have been!

Finished Pieces

An autism-themed simple pattern I came up with for the girls’ step-mom; her youngest is autistic.


The honey-bee themed piece I finished for Carrie’s boss and his family for her gift to them at Christmas. Love this one!


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