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This is the pseudo-index page. All material posted to the old site will be back-dated and linked here. Alternatively, viewers can click on the appropriate category and scroll through separate articles, which is somewhat easier than here, as the sidebar will show on the articles that way.

Not everything has been listed here, and it’ll be a while before I can get everything transferred over again, and organized. In the meantime, you can always poke around through the categories or use the search function.

Celtic & Pagan Information:

Tir N’Aill (Goddesses and Heroines)
Tir N’aNog (Gods and Heroes)
Celtic Triads
A Solitary’s Rede
The Witch’s Rede
Valiente’s The Witch’s Creed
Charge of the Goddess
Charge of the Dark Goddess
The Mother’s Words
Freefolk Charge of the Dark Mother
Charge of the Crone
Charge of the God
Charge of the Dark God
The Father’s Words
ierne’s Infamous Reading List

Healing Alternatives:

Pagan Parenting:

Color Meditation
Raging Hormones – The Puberty Woes – Pt. 1
Raging Hormones – The Puberty Woes – Pt. 2
Raging Hormones – The Puberty Woes – Pt. 3
Samhain With the Kids
Review – Teen Witch Kit
Review – Circle Round
Yule With the Kids
Christmas With the Family
Review – Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth
Review – Full Circle

Sprites Pagan Kids:
Book of Shadows:

Suggested Reading
Review – Faith & Fairies (fiction)
Review – Tarot for Teens (non-fiction)
Review – Teen Witch (fiction/non-fiction)
Good Grades Spell
Friendship Candle Magick
Nightmare Remedies
Energy, Enthusiasm and New Beginnings
Calling The Luck of The Fairy Folk
Basil Protection Spell
House Protection Spell
Children’s Bedtime Chant
Children’s Meditations Part One
Children’s Meditations Part Two
Tigger’s Full Moon Ritual


How to Make Paper
Really Cool Project!
Corn Mother
Leaf Prints
3 Knot Goddess Bracelet
Make Your Own Runes
Magick Sachets


Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Apple Pizza
Ants on a Stick
Sandwich Tricks
Rhiannon’s Favorite Cookies
CareBear’s Favorite Pizza


A Little Book of Candle Magic
Tree Medicine Tree Magic
The Master Book of Herbalism
Women Celebrating Life
Life is a Stretch
Essential Reiki: The Complete Guide
The Healing Craft
Awakening the Healer Within
Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey
CD: Sounds for Healing 1
The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook
Healing Spirits
A Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls
Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners
Kindling the Celtic Spirit
Egyptian Paganism for Beginners
The Kitchen Witch Companion
DVD – Mother’s Little Helpers


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