Free stuff!

ebook week promo

It’s read an e-book week across the ‘net, and here at Sacred Triskele it’s no exception. One title my company has posted free at Smashwords is Courting Morpheus – an anthology that takes place entirely in the town of New Bedlam. There are three rather famous pagan guests in New Bedlam… Rowan Gant, Ben Storm and Constance Mandalay.

Fans of M.R. Sellars’ novel series, Rowan Gant Investigations will recognize those names. I was lucky enough to have M.R. agree to get Rowan and the gang to show up in New Bedlam, and now for this week alone, it’s available in multi-ebook-formats free of charge. Just click the link up there, and you should be whisked off to the appropriate page.

Belfire is running a review contest as well, in conjunction with this promotion. Anyone posting a review of Courting Morpheus (or any other Belfire/Needfire title) to Smashwords will be given double entries into our next e-reader giveaway. Reviews posted to other sites for print or electronic versions of Courting Morpheus and all our other titles are entered once.

AND – if anyone lets me know here that they’ve picked up Courting Morpheus and posted a review (either the free ebook or the print version…) I’ll send them a free copy of our Creating New Pagan Family Traditions Litha Chapbook in .pdf format.

Give it a try. New Bedlam always loves visitors! :)

(Now… anyone have any suggestions for a different Ostara meal? We know the regular fare, we’re raring for something new and exciting!)