My Own Serenity

I know there are versions of the serenity prayer out there, both for pagans and non-pagans. I never felt an affinity with any of them, moreso with the better known one christians use.

At a time in my life where I’m facing multiple stresses, financial issues and something I am unable to discuss at the moment, I needed something to recharge and perhaps mend the little tears in my spirit. Something I could repeat as needed, and while the rede and the charges are wonderful, as is the goddess chant, I needed something more personal… I think I’ll even pull out the prayer beads and try doing this via meditation every day.

Glas Celli Serenity
© Snow Moon 02/18/2011
Morrighan Corvidae (Jodi Lee)

Goddess grant me:

The Strength of Earth, so I may walk my path without fear,

The Breath of Air, so I may sing and dance in your presence,

The Light of Fire, so I may see through that which lies in shadow,

The Warmth of Water, so I may feel your love wrapped around me.

So mote it be.