Change in the seasons…

We’re rapidly approaching Samhain, and here in southern Manitoba it’s already turned bitterly cold. It’s hard to believe only a brief few weeks ago we were hovering in the 25 C-plus area for temperatures, when today it’s -3.

When I looked out the window this morning, there was snow on the ground. How depressing to see Gaia’s blanket so early in the year, although it is rumored that the earlier it starts, the earlier it disappears in spring. That would be nice, a warm Beltaine to look forward to.

Glas Celli has celebrated it’s 9th year as a grove, and I imagine our 10th anniversary will be something to behold. The last six months have been so very busy here at the Morrighan/Artemis/Draco hold that we’ve rarely had time even for coffee with the folks, but now that winter is settling in and projects are steaming smoothly towards launch and settling into their own grooves, we’re going to rectify that.

With this change in our lives, I thought it a good time to mention that you’ll be seeing some changes here at Sacred Triskele. I’ve applied to insert ad boxes from Project Wonderful; if approved, I will be including a box for minis (button banners) in the side bar, and a full-size banner at the foot of every article/blog post. These spots will support The New Bedlam Project, which is my online fiction webzine. If you haven’t stopped by there, you should – we’ve had some amazing talent visit our little corner of the world. If you’re a writer, you really should consider sending us something – check out our guidelines – we’re not all horror! I’d certainly love to see other genres, particularly with a pagan leaning…

With that, I’ll leave you for today. I won’t make promises of posting more often, although I am certainly hoping to. :)

Morrighan (ierne)

Litha’s Ready!

We’ve finished the Litha chapbook, without one of the images we were going to use, but we’ll add it as a bonus in the Lughnasadh issue.

Click here for more information and our nifty purchase information!

Litha Delayed

We’re having issues with the images, so we’re expecting to be delayed at least until Friday.

The girls have done me proud, really. Rhia’s story is amusing and she left enough of a hook at the end to move it forward into Lughnasadh. Care’s coloring page is pretty darn good.

Now if I could just get it to lay out properly. ;)