Traditions is going to print!

Despite being two months behind on the Creating New Pagan Family Traditions ebook series, plans are already in the works for a collected print edition. This edition should be prepped and ready to go for Yule.

I’ve set up a preview, with a selected excerpt from Litha, to have folks look over and give some feedback. Please stop by the Creaetspace gallery for a look, and let me know what you think.


Jodi Lee, aka ierne Morrighan Corvidae of Glas Celli, presents a handbook to introduce traditional pagan information, ritual, meal plan and activities for new pagan families and groups with young children.
Creating New Pagan Family Traditions – Preview

Have a great week, and look for Lughnasadh and Mabon to be released soon!

Yule-Creating New Pagan Family Traditions

The girls and I have been working on the former chapbook project off and on for some time now. In the last week, we’ve polished up the Yule selection, and it’s now available through Kindle and in multi-format ebook through Smashwords.

ierne (Morrighan Corvidae) of Glas Celli presents a short handbook to introduce traditional pagan information, ritual, meal plan and activities for new pagan families.

Yule, also known as Saturnalia, Alban Huan, Sol, and Midwinter, is celebrated at the winter solstice, on or around December 21st.

It is the time of darkness, and yet a returning of the light. The night of the solstice is the longest period of darkness each year; with the breaking of dawn, the light returns a little more each day, until the summer solstice in June. It is now that the Oak King returns to defeat the Holly King, symbolically replacing the aging deity with a younger, stronger self. The son replacing the father to become the son once more, the circle of life – the wheel of the year – facilitated by the Great Mother. She has given us her greatest gift, and in exchange, we honor both herself, and her son.

I honestly can’t say when the next one will be available, but when I get a few moments of spare time, I’ll probably try and re-format the Litha chapbook for official publication as well. Should all go well, I hope to have the next one done and ready for Beltaine (which would be the Beltaine collection…)

This is also a bit of an experiment for my formatting skills… I’ve never included images in the ebooks for Belfire or myself, and Yule has an abundance of them. I’m hoping to get some constructive feedback through reviews etc.

I have to admit to having some fun tracking down open source, easy to customize coloring pages!

My Own Serenity

I know there are versions of the serenity prayer out there, both for pagans and non-pagans. I never felt an affinity with any of them, moreso with the better known one christians use.

At a time in my life where I’m facing multiple stresses, financial issues and something I am unable to discuss at the moment, I needed something to recharge and perhaps mend the little tears in my spirit. Something I could repeat as needed, and while the rede and the charges are wonderful, as is the goddess chant, I needed something more personal… I think I’ll even pull out the prayer beads and try doing this via meditation every day.

Glas Celli Serenity
© Snow Moon 02/18/2011
Morrighan Corvidae (Jodi Lee)

Goddess grant me:

The Strength of Earth, so I may walk my path without fear,

The Breath of Air, so I may sing and dance in your presence,

The Light of Fire, so I may see through that which lies in shadow,

The Warmth of Water, so I may feel your love wrapped around me.

So mote it be.