Friday Tarot: 7 of Coins

Today’s card is the 7 of Coins (Pentacles).

Symbolizing reward, success and relaxation.

The 7 of Coins (Pentacles) is a card that indicates rest, a time to reflect on all that has led up to a positive outcome. This card indicates that it is now time to reap your reward, and take some time for yourself to enjoy it.

It also indicates that it’s time to consider your next move, the next project or the next obstacle in your path. Reflect on yourself, what have you learned in the past while? How can this transfer to future endeavors? If you feel you’re at a crossroads, it’s time to stop and consider each and every path, before moving forward.

Once you’ve got your feet under you again, it’s time to continue on; this is a ‘coffee-break,’ not an ending!

Friday Tarot: 3 of Coins

Today’s tarot card is: 3 of Coins (aka 3 of Pentacles)

Symbolizing teamwork, organization, and planning.

The 3 of Coins (aka Pentacles) is one of a few cards that look to group work as a focus, specifically a group working toward a goal. On the other hand, the card could be showing you that you need to ask for the help of others to achieve your personal goals, to stop trying to do it all by yourself.

Do not rush into anything at this time, view your situation with a careful eye, planning how to proceed and preparing accordingly. Mentally follow every possibility to it’s outcome, and choose the one that works best for you.

The 3 of Coins (Pentacles) also shows that you are heading in the right direction, and you do have the competence, the intelligence and the fortitude to achieve your goals, through patience and caring, planning and with the help of friends. You can do it!