Time for the hammer..

Please take a moment to go to the Asatru Military Family Support Program’s web site to sign our petition asking the Department of Veterans Affairs to authorize Thor’s Hammer on headstones for veterans of the Asatru Faith.

It’s easy! Go to http://hammerproject.org …then click on “Sign Petition” on the navigation bar…then at the bottom of the page that comes up, hit “Sign Petition!”

Feel free to leave comments, especially if you are a veteran!

Please pass this on to everyone you know – regardless of religion, politics, pro- or anti-war! – who might sign it.

Oh – enjoy the rest of the site while you’re there, too!

Thank you!

Stephen A. McNallen
Asatru Folk Assembly
Veteran, United States Army

Creating New Pagan Family Traditions – Chapbook Series

The girls and I picked up the supplies for the chapbooks yesterday, along with the first printings of the covers for Litha and Lughnasadh. They look great! I can’t wait to get started…

Each chapbook will have Sabbat information, sample ritual, activity suggestions for kids, sample menu with recipes, crafts, youth-centered fiction and paper activities (coloring, picture search, etc.).

These two releases are our market test – should they go well, we may be submitting to a handful of publishers with the full chapbook series.

by Jodi Lee
incl. sections by Rhia and Care

The first chapbook in the ‘Creating new Pagan family traditions’ series will be released May 5th, available here and through our Etsy page. We’re considering an e-book edition, too.

Hand-assembled chapbook: $7.00 + $3.00 s&h
(possible) e-book: $3.50


Pre-orders: sales <{@}> sacredtriskele.net

by Jodi Lee
incl. sections by Rhia and Care

The second chapbook will be released in late June, and we’ll probably have pre-orders starting a week or two before release.