Sprites – Calling The Luck of The Fairy Folk

Contributed by Sun, age 9

This incantation can be done anytime during the summer, when the fireflies are out. Can be performed clothed but is best done skyclad. You must find a VERY quite and private place to do the incantation.

Start with your arms out and walk in an open area that fireflies are in. Stop in the same position and call upon the great mother with the following chant:

Fireflies come dance with me
Fireflies come be with me
Oh Great Mother be with us tonight
With (your name)
and the Fairy Folk
Fireflies show your true self
Do not fear me for I am (your name)
Your friend,
Your Sister/Brother
Invite me into your world to dance

(Dance a joyous dance from your heart)
(Allow yourself to be free and at peace)

Continue Chant:
Fireflies, Fairy Folk, Oh Great Mother
Come dance with me,
Be with me
Fairy Folk show your true self to me I will protect you tonight as we dance
Dance the dance of the Fairy Folk
*repeat the above five lines, and dance the dance of the Fairy Folk until you feel and see that the Fairy Folk are with you…Play with them as you like, when you are done do the following: Begin Chant to End the Dance
Fairy Folk, Fire Flies, Oh Great Mother
Fairy Folk, I (your name) leave you now
Go back to hide from where you came
Be not sad, or cry or weep For I (your name) will return
To dance the Dance of the Fairy Folk Peace be with you.

Blessed Be. …

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