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So, now I know you really are pagan, or at least – pagan-friendly. You’ve made it to the book page. Now, I’m not saying that non-pagans aren’t bookish – some are. It’s just that an awful lot of pagans have stacks of books. Heck, I know of one that’s actually made a bookcase by putting boards across stacks of books. Frightening, but I may give it a shot some day.

The Reading List article you find below (after the more-cut) is one I wrote some time ago, and have updated infrequently when I remember to add something, or take something off. This page has been updated (November 8th, 2004) – due to a threat received from an author who actually wanted to sic her legal dog on me. For freedom of speech, and speaking the truth. For being part of a path that she was once sworn to – only she broke her oath. Anyway, since discussing this with MY legal Tiger, I removed her name. Anything else is fair game, and she well knows it.

What was it – oh yes. In the old days, as in present – the breakers of oaths were called Waerlogh (warlock). Not only did she break the oath – she lies about it. Craft Master my ass. Since you, Waerlogh, obviously will come back to the site – have your former teacher get in touch with me. She knows how. Oh wait – but she might tell me the truth…because she already has. But truth and honesty don’t sell books do they?

Rather than keep with the huge Amazon catalogue I used to have on the site (not in the last year or so, but not too long ago) I decided to go with a Keyword Listing, however I don’t know if it’ll work here in the new format. If not, I hope to rig something up soon! So, while I don’t endorse every book that comes across this screen, I bet a great many of them I will. I was careful in my word selection. Check the Articles section for book reviews..I’ll post ‘em as I can..

Reading List
(or ierne’s opinionated view of the publishing world)

Keep in mind, this is my opinion only, your’s may differ. That’s a good thing usually – spices up the human condition (grin). Just another note – my websites have similar lists, although I don’t generally make comment on whether I like something or not, they are lists of books commonly requested of me. I am not listing two of my personal favorites below, only because they aren’t relevant really – DJ Conway’s cat book, The Mysterious, Magical Cat, because it’s about cats, and I have a friend who has a piece in it…and the book that I can’t remember title, author or most of the info in it – it was in our local library when I was twelve, it was about witchcraft, and it was the first time I remember seeing a book like it, besides the book my uncle had. Between it, my uncle and a very elderly cousin, I was hooked for life…(grin)

Also, not all of these are witchcraft related per se, some are healing related or fiction. Nor are they listed in any order of importance…(grin)

Definitely Suggested:

Anything by Farrars/Bone, Valiente, Marian Weinstein, Marion Green (I’ve only read one of each of their books, excepting Valiente, whose works I have missed almost entirely…)

Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hubbard
Celtic Mythology by Arthur Cotterell
On the Edge of a Dream by Jennifer Heath
Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend by Miranda Green
Celtic Myths and Legends by Michael Foss
Sacred World of the Celts by Nigel Pennick
The Ancient Celts by Barry Cunliffe
Celtic Myths by Miranda Green
Encyc. of Celtic Wisdom by Caitlin and John Matthews
Celtic Rituals by Alexei Kondratiev
Anam Cara by John O’Donohue
Ancient Wisdom by Cassandra Eason
Healing Craft by Farrars/Bone
Witches Bible Compleat by Farrars
Spiral Dance by Starhawk
Circle Round by Starhawk, Anne Hill and Diane Baker
Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
Yule by Dorothy Morrison
Natural Magic by John Michael Greer
Tree Medicine, Tree Magic by Ellen Evert Hopman
Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl
West Country Wicca by Rhiannon Ryall
Tarot Companion by Tracy Porter
Little Book of Candle Magick by DJ Conway (hey, I like it…)
Oak, Ash and Thorn by DJ Conway
Celtic Shaman by John Matthews
Celtic Myth and Magick by Edain McCoy (I love the deity listings in this one, and that’s about it)
People of the Earth by ???
A Witch Alone by Marion Green
Big Blue by Buckland (damned if I can remember what it’s really called)
The Encyc. of Wicca and Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi
The Healing Energy of Your Hands by Michael Bradford
Essential Reiki by Diane Stein
All Women Are Healers by Diane Stein
Herbal Remedies for Dummies
Daughter of the Shining Isles by Elizabeth Cunningham (fiction)
Avalon series by MZB (fiction, or was it?? *eg*)
Murder at Witches Bluff by SRW (fiction)
~*~ All below are Scott Cunningham~*~
Truth about Witchcraft Today
Wicca – A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Living Wicca
Earth Power or/and Earth Air Fire Water
The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews
Encyc. of Magical Herbs
Magical Herbalism

Read & Judge for Self:

Edain McCoy (Witta and Bewitchments in particular)
DJ Conway (Earlier work, and recent work is by far much better than middle work)
Scott Cunningham (some of the books are awfully repetitive)
Raymond Buckland (Big Blue was good, but I’m iffy on some of the others)
Kenneth Johnson
Marguerite Elspeth
Ann Moura (I’ve only read the one, and while I liked it, I’m still iffy on it…)

Avoid at All Costs:

Sirona Knight (need I say it again?)
Kisma Stepanich (again, read above)
Silver RavenWolf, non-fiction
(don’t ask my opinion, I bite, and I haven’t had my shots yet…but at least the work is hers, I believe)

I’m sure I have others listed somewhere as well, I feel like I am missing something here…If I find something else, I’ll upload again…also, these are subject to change as I read through other books sent for review…(grin)

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