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By Jodi Lee
~Originally “re”-Published August 2000~
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The article below is one that I posted originally at Suite101, and can be utilised for use with children. All parents, not just pagan parents, know how wild some kids can get at times, or scared, or sick, or even stressed out.

By using a guided meditation (slow, calm level voice reading the meditation to the child) such as the one below, using the various colors to bring those elements to the child’s energy, the parent can help settle or heal the child. I use this method with my own girls, and it works particularly well with my oldest daughter, who has mild Cerebral Palsy. I hope you find it useful – please let me know if your results are as good as mine have been.

Color has often been used to raise spirits, help with a person’s appetite, make us look more attractive, and even used as a status showing (remember the little red sports car theories in mid-life crisis???)

It can also be used as an effective spiritual healing therapy,through use of breathing and meditation exercises.Generally it is the seven prismatic colors used in therapy, however variations of each color are also used to boost, or reduce the effectiveness. I will outline here a basic use of breathing and meditation designed to use color to help with many differing problems. The color list and usage follows.

Settle yourself somewhere comfortable. Get into a relaxed position, either sitting up or lying down. I do suggest lying down if you have a tendency to fall asleep during meditation, or if this is your first time, and you feel you may fall asleep.

Now, close your eyes, take deep, diaphragm-controlled breaths. Completely fill your lungs with each breath, hold it for two or three seconds, then release. When you have done this several times, run a mental check over your body. Are all the muscles relaxed? are you uncomfortable in any way? Begin with your toes, and work your way up, relaxing each body part as you move along. If it helps, tense each muscle area, then relax it. Often, this helps you release tensed muscles that you hadn’t even noticed.

Once you have completed this, you have two roads to travel. You can begin the color therapy by using your chakras, or you can simply breathe in the color. As I will assume you are a beginner, I will continue on with simple breathing techniques, and leave chakra work for another time. Have you begun this exercise knowing what type of breathing you need to do? Which color to use? I suggest you know this prior to starting the meditation, or use a general color for all around good health. Now, once you have your color, and your intended area for therapy, begin long deep breaths, slowly, so as not to hyperventilate. Visualise the color flooding your lungs with every breath, see it flow with the air/oxygen to the area needing work, see that area infused in the light of the color. Do this with every intake of breath. When you exhale, visualise all the negative energy being released from the area in a black or grey cloud, up and out of your lungs, into the air. Repeat these breaths for five minutes, for each area needed. When you have finished the therapy, take five more minutes to breathe in white , and exhale all remaining negative energy. Open your eyes, and stretch.

The colors generally used are as follows, with darker shades used for more intensive therapy, lighter shades for less emphasis.

Red – Use this color if you feel depressed, lost, or detached from the everyday. Also, used for gastro-intestinal problems.

Orange – Use this color for work on your sex drive, reproductive organs, and if you feel your personality has gone through some changes, and you would like to maintain the previous.

Yellow – If you suffer from over-all weakness of the body, stomach problems, balance, or feel incomplete, use this color.

Green – If you have trouble with repressing your emotions, need improvement with empathy, if mood swings and temper and depression are prevalent, or if you have trouble with your lungs, and heart, use green.

Blue – Sore throats and heartburn, trouble with relaying thoughts, and being uncommunicative can be treated with blue. I also use blue as a general healing color, and for work with the lymphatic system, and immune system.

Indigo – Headaches, problems with sight, and emotionally, problems with detaching from reality, and a loss of spirituality are treated with indigo. Also, used for treating mental disorders.

Violet – Used to treat severe mental disorder, and psychic/spiritual detachment. Can manifest with hallucinations and headaches/eye problems. (To be used in conjunction with a medical professional)

* This treatment is never to be used as a substitute for recieving proper medical care. ALWAYS consult a physician. Holistic healing is used as a boost to modern conventional methods, and are not guaranteed to work for everyone, all the time.*

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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