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By Jodi Lee
~Originally Published October 2000~
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Circle Round – Raising Children in Goddess Traditions
by: Starhawk – Diane Baker – Anne Hill

I have been parenting for many years, not just with my own children, but also being a substitute mother for my much younger brothers when they visit. For more years than I care to remember, I have looked for a pagan book on parenting, and the stages of life. I think I even went so far as to post on various newsgroups in my frustration. And I believe it was on one of those newsgroups that someone told me he thought Starhawk had a parenting book on the market.

Well, that message began a three month search in local bookstores. No one seemed to have it, and of course without travelling to the city there was no one who would order it in.

Off we went to the city. Looked here, looked there, finally found a copy in the quaint shop – Prairie Sky (if you are ever in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba – this is the place to visit for friendly pagan/new-age atmosphere in a small shop). I suppose I could have asked Chapters or Barnes & Noble to order one in, but I have the patience of a two year old, so I hunted instead (Grin).

On the trip home, my hands kept opening the book, almost of their own volition. I refuse to read in a car – nasty bouts of car sickness have ensued from my addiction to the written word. But, there I was, flipping through pages and picking out the odd bit to read. I was fascinated! First of all, Bantam had done the world a service by using toned paper (a kind of creamy color) and a dark green ink for illustrations and print. Not only is it better on the eyes in a car, but also if one happens to be reading under the bright sun, or by a lamp. Getting back on track however, this is the first book I had read that is the collaborative effort of three women, who all seemingly agreed with each other, or at least managed to keep from storming out in a huff. That amazes me in itself!

The book that has come from these three remarkable women has given myself, and my children many moments of happiness, as I read the stories to them, work on a craft with them, sing to them (ack – ok, perhaps they don’t enjoy listening to mommy’s terribly off-key singing). With wonderful explanations of each area of a Goddess Tradition, to the Sun and Moon cycles, to a full area for each Sabbat – including activities, songs, crafts and stories. Think that’s it? Guess again!

Following the Sabbat chapters, comes the Life Cycle. The stages of life are covered here, from birth to coming of age, and beyond. The Circle of Elements covers all that is contained in the Pentacle – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

This book has changed a lot of the ways I have dealt with questions from children, my own and others. Previously, I would stammer and not be sure of what to say, and now, I can give them answers to questions asked in terms they understand a little easier. I love it! If you don’t already have it – go out and beg, borrow or buy it!

Moon Soup
fr.page 66 / Moon Cycle

Use your favorite recipe to make black bean soup. Its dark color serves as the “night sky”.

To make “moons” and “stars” float on the soup “sky”, beat yogurt or sour cream (about a quarter cup per serving) until it’s the consistency of heavy cream, thinning it with milk if necessary. Pouring carefully from a cup with a spout, dribble crescent moons near the sides of each bowl. Accent with tiny drops for stars.

For a full moon, pour the yogurt or sour cream into a spiral. With the back of a spoon, stroke the spiral gently until the white liquid has blended together to form a floating moon.

For a vegan moon soup, slice thin pieces of pale soy cheese, then with a cookie cutter or sharp knife cut out moon and star shapes and float them in the soup.

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