Forsaken by Technia

It’s been some time since I posted anything, and definitely even more time since I’ve been able to work on the series. Unfortunately, we’ve been struck with technical issues here at the Corvidae household, resulting in the complete collapse of the computer we were using.

I don’t even have an old machine to sacrifice to Technica this time! < |;^) However, the girls' dad came to the rescue and loaned us a machine that will get us through this patch while he either fixes or upgrades (depending on my finances at the end of this month) the compusaur. I've got most of the software installed, and the rest is coming along. Once the back-up files are brought over to this machine, I'll be neck-deep in catching up. (more…)

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Friday Tarot: Six of Cups

Today’s card is the Six of Cups.

Symbolizing innocence, generosity and forgiveness.

This card indicates that the querent is innocent, possibly oblivious to something that is happening in their life, whether intentionally or not. It is indicated that the querent is gentle, kind, perhaps even virtuous in nature – and often reflects a child, or child-like fascination and look on life.

Look for the light within, to see the light without.

Friday Tarot: The Magician

Today’s card is The Magician.

Symbolizing flexibility, originality, creativity and communication.

The Magician is a card that shows the querent they have the necessary tools at their disposal to become excellent communicators. It shows that if they believe in themselves and their skills, they can overcome any obstacles and become what they desire. The querent can, given a boost of self-confidence and self-assurance, take charge and stand tall, becoming the master of the situations at hand.

Believe in yourself, and those around you will begin to believe in you, too.