GOYB Week #9

What a week (plus) it’s been. I’ve been going mad trying to get everything under control with work and budgeting for Draco’s grad and the things that go along with it, as well as trying to sort out stuff we can live without after the move (one way or the other, we are going to have to be out of this house by the end of July at the latest) and time has completely slipped by.

Everything is just moving too fast now that it’s getting so close. I know there are still three months to go until she’s done, but after struggling to pay last year, with ‘surprise’ fees and costs from the school at the last minute (literally), and with the crap they’ve pulled this year already over her classes and credits, I want to be well ahead of the game. Actually, I’m still waiting for that signed piece of paper that says her internship class is the last surprise. I think it’s going to take a trip to the school, actually.

Be that as it may. There’s a chunk I need to come up with by the end of June, and this year I know her dad can’t kick in like he did with Artemis. It’s stressing, and knowing there aren’t that many avenues for me to find the cash, I keep letting it get to me, and I slip up.

In the past nine days I’ve had at least five (non-diet) colas, and a fair amount of junk food. That may not sound like much to most people, but having gone for two months with no more than four Dole Sparklers, and pretty much no junk food, I feel like I should be looking at this more as an addiction than anything else.

That being said… didn’t I promise to stop obsessing on those numbers? Yeah, I think I did. <|:^( This is an official weekend ‘off’ from writing and editing and anything Belfire related. This weekend, Draco and I are going to finish sorting/cleaning the kitchen and my room/office, and then we’re going to sit down and work out a meal plan for the rest of the month… as well as figure out what we’re going to ‘give up or start doing’ for the six weeks between Ostara and Beltaine. Healthy meal planning, and contemplation. Yep. This week our challenge is to come up with an emergency plan, a back-up in case things cause us to stumble on our path to wellness. I think the kid and I are going to have to work on that, too… it seems we’ve become each other’s sounding boards to the exclusion of a lot of other options, so… perhaps we should start expanding into the support system we know we have. Hmm. More to contemplate. Good luck this week! <|:^)

GOYB Week #8

Checking in for week whichwhat? 7? 8? Gah, I’ve lost track, and I posted last week as 8, when it was actually 7. Which would make this week 8.

I should have numbered the calendar! I’ve made the change in the previous post.

Week 7: Absolutely no change in anything (measurements or weight) this week. I have been drinking more water and about five of the dozen Dole Sparklers. I had portion control issues all week, so I am glad that nothing has changed, because it could have been real bad.

Moving forward into week 8: the main challenge for this week (as I interpreted it) is not to worry about our numbers as much. The inches, the pounds, the minutia. How do we make our goals quantifiable without resorting to the numbers?

Easy! I want to be alive to see my grandchildren. I want to be able to walk, to do things on my own, in five, ten, fifteen years.

I don’t want to be my mother.

Vanity-wise, I have a pair of jeans I’d like to fit, and a shirt I’d like to wear even just once more. Just to wear those clothes even for a day before I finally let them go (they’re a tad threadbare!). Those are my end-goals, sans numbers.

To get there:

I know, that last one was really not a responsible choice for someone trying to eat healthier and get fit… but better have one or two bad choices over a span of time, than constant bad choices all of the time. Once I’ve nailed the recipe to my personal liking (I’ve been tweaking) I’ll post it up.

Until next week – good luck! <|:^)

GOYB Week #7

Yes, I know. I’ve missed several weeks. I’m a bad witchy weight loser. I also haven’t been keeping up with 52Weeks, so it’s not just the flub I’m avoiding.

February has just not been a good month for anything, except work. Personally and through Belfire, a lot of work has been done and put out there into the world. I know I have to make changes to my life in order to start getting healthy, but I’ve also got commitments I can’t flake out on.


So, I’ve lost about two pounds (see-sawing) since I last updated, and about an inch and a half. I haven’t been keeping up with the host blog, either, so I’m not sure what the challenges have been.

My personal challenges have been fail since the last update; the food diary skipped out the window, I’ve had a few carbonated drinks (do I get less whuppin’ because they’re Dole Sparklers?), and practically dropped the exercise entirely. See? I said I was a bad witchy weight loser. <|x^P BUT I’ve tripled my water intake, and plan on quadrupling by the end of March. Why? Because that’ll be about what an average person drinks. I’ve managed to get up to six 8 ounce glasses a day, and I’ve cut the majority of ‘crap’ drinking (coffee, tea, high-fructose juices & soda) to a minimum.

Believe me, the caffeine headaches have been raging over here.

Goals for the remaining 4 weeks of the formal challenge:

We don’t have normal TV anymore as we purposely chose to have just Netflix, so I don’t have the weekly Biggest Loser as an inspiration boost. I’m considering tracking it down online, even if I just listen to it while I’m working, that’ll be something.

Does anyone know of any podcasts or the like, dealing with weight loss and getting fit?

Good luck this week!

(will link at the host blog once the week 8 post is up)