Forsaken by Technia

It’s been some time since I posted anything, and definitely even more time since I’ve been able to work on the series. Unfortunately, we’ve been struck with technical issues here at the Corvidae household, resulting in the complete collapse of the computer we were using.

I don’t even have an old machine to sacrifice to Technica this time! < |;^) However, the girls' dad came to the rescue and loaned us a machine that will get us through this patch while he either fixes or upgrades (depending on my finances at the end of this month) the compusaur. I've got most of the software installed, and the rest is coming along. Once the back-up files are brought over to this machine, I'll be neck-deep in catching up. (more…)

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The Shaman’s Path and Healing

(edited/modified from a Suite101 WPSHM series I wrote in 2000)

The Shaman’s Path and Healing
© Jodi Lee 2012

I have often been interested in the differences in methods employed by the shamanic healers. Perhaps the fascination stems from their strong ability to focus while “journeying”, or perhaps it’s the methods to achieve the altered state required for “journeying.” Whatever the reasons, my ears perk up, or my eyes wander during conversations where the topic is brought up.

In my younger years, I always assumed “shaman” was a Native American term for medicine man. Once I was introduced to a broader spectrum of natural healing, earth based religion books, I discovered that many cultures use the term shaman to describe men and women who heal through contact with the spirit world, or “journeying”. And although I am meaning this first article to be an introduction of sorts, I’d also like to comment on a few of the books which I have kept over the past while. Each one has added a little something to my research, be it good or not so good.

GOYB Week #8

Checking in for week whichwhat? 7? 8? Gah, I’ve lost track, and I posted last week as 8, when it was actually 7. Which would make this week 8.

I should have numbered the calendar! I’ve made the change in the previous post.

Week 7: Absolutely no change in anything (measurements or weight) this week. I have been drinking more water and about five of the dozen Dole Sparklers. I had portion control issues all week, so I am glad that nothing has changed, because it could have been real bad.

Moving forward into week 8: the main challenge for this week (as I interpreted it) is not to worry about our numbers as much. The inches, the pounds, the minutia. How do we make our goals quantifiable without resorting to the numbers?

Easy! I want to be alive to see my grandchildren. I want to be able to walk, to do things on my own, in five, ten, fifteen years.

I don’t want to be my mother.

Vanity-wise, I have a pair of jeans I’d like to fit, and a shirt I’d like to wear even just once more. Just to wear those clothes even for a day before I finally let them go (they’re a tad threadbare!). Those are my end-goals, sans numbers.

To get there:

I know, that last one was really not a responsible choice for someone trying to eat healthier and get fit… but better have one or two bad choices over a span of time, than constant bad choices all of the time. Once I’ve nailed the recipe to my personal liking (I’ve been tweaking) I’ll post it up.

Until next week – good luck! <|:^)