MayDay Bay-yay-seball!

The girls had their first game of the season tonight. It was a first in many, many ways.

First game of the season.

First game as a team (four new/returning girls)

First game as PeeWees instead of Squirts.

First time they’ve won the first game of the season, ever.

I know I’m not supposed to gloat (bad form) but these girls work hard on their skills, long practices and here in Manitoba that means practicing indoors during the winter months. But all the hard work the team has put in has paid off (14-9). Most of the throws tonight were fast and on target, the batting has improved as has the pitching. Bigger ball, bases farther apart and the pitcher mound back farther this year.

But they won. And not only did they win – both my girls were on base, twice. The second time for each they made it home. Rhia ran it herself…usually she has a runner, but she chose to stay in this time. Maybe that’s not such a big deal, but ya know what? She deserves to make it home herself once in a while and it sure re-sparked her interest in actually playing the game, rather than sitting on the bench or standing in the far right field..she doesn’t have to be the mascot this year either. For other families with mildly handicapped kids, I highly recommend finding an activity such as baseball…it’s done so much for Rhia!

Remember last August when I said I was glad it was all over for another year? As much as I was, I am now just as happy it’s all back on again. :)

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