Here are a few of the awards I’ve won, specifically for Sacred Triskele or one of the earlier incarnations.

golden web
Yeah, I know what people say about the Golden Web Awards. Still though, I like the idea…

I won this one many years ago, during the Webseed days. Mostly it was for the work in pagan non-fiction that is now posted here to Sacred Triskele. Unfortunately the website it was affiliated with disappeared….

point of life I honestly don’t remember this one, but I believe it’s from the old Homestead days, maybe the Webseed days…either way – it’s old! Point of Life is still around though…

wpr silver
Yes, well, what can I say about the Witch/Pagan Alliance except that they gave me the award before deciding only people that were paid members were allowed to have awards. Like, wtf?? I’m not even sure they’re still around…

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