A Quiet Imbolc

The girls and I have begun refocusing our efforts in keeping up with our spiritual studies, etc. I made a decision at Yule that I would begin study again, from scratch, from the beginning. Basically – I’ve put all three of us at the door of the labyrinth, and given us each a fresh start.

To that end, we did the bulk of our spring cleaning last week in preparation for a visit from the girls’ cousin and her family, as well as Imbolc. As a group, we so rarely remember to mark this time of year, partly because one of us has a birthday within a few days of the actual date of Imbolc, and partly because for us here in mid-Canada – it’s still winter. Deep, deep in winter. Our weather usually doesn’t break for another six weeks (closer to Ostara) and frankly we all seem to hibernate through this coldest time of year.

Still, the girls and I made an effort this year, having a traditional meal and lighting a candle for Brighid. (more…)