GOYB Week #8

Checking in for week whichwhat? 7? 8? Gah, I’ve lost track, and I posted last week as 8, when it was actually 7. Which would make this week 8.

I should have numbered the calendar! I’ve made the change in the previous post.

Week 7: Absolutely no change in anything (measurements or weight) this week. I have been drinking more water and about five of the dozen Dole Sparklers. I had portion control issues all week, so I am glad that nothing has changed, because it could have been real bad.

Moving forward into week 8: the main challenge for this week (as I interpreted it) is not to worry about our numbers as much. The inches, the pounds, the minutia. How do we make our goals quantifiable without resorting to the numbers?

Easy! I want to be alive to see my grandchildren. I want to be able to walk, to do things on my own, in five, ten, fifteen years.

I don’t want to be my mother.

Vanity-wise, I have a pair of jeans I’d like to fit, and a shirt I’d like to wear even just once more. Just to wear those clothes even for a day before I finally let them go (they’re a tad threadbare!). Those are my end-goals, sans numbers.

To get there:

I know, that last one was really not a responsible choice for someone trying to eat healthier and get fit… but better have one or two bad choices over a span of time, than constant bad choices all of the time. Once I’ve nailed the recipe to my personal liking (I’ve been tweaking) I’ll post it up.

Until next week – good luck! <|:^)

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