Two more in the fold…

Draco (Carrie, my youngest daughter, for the non-pagans that know us) informed me tonight that there are two new guests in our house. Twin girls, between 5-7 years old, probably from the late 1800s, from the description of their clothing; long dresses, one blue, one pink, and ruffled sleep-caps.

What interested me is that Draco said the dogs moved out of the way when one of the twins opened the door to let the other one in. The one that came in jumped up on the step to the living room, went around the table, and disappeared just before she reached the kitchen. This gives me pause – the dogs moved, and the little girl went around the table. That suggests an intelligent haunt, yet they made no notice of Draco.

Draco says they were practically solid, very full-form. The door didn’t actually open, but there was the appearance of opening. It also happened around the same time as the door actually opening (both Draco and I were witness to that) several weeks ago. Our door doesn’t just pop open – it latches well.

They are the fourth and fifth new addition since we moved here, besides our familial spirits, and the second and third in the last two weeks. Two days ago, Draco saw a man in the mirror while she was storing the Christmas Cheer stocking supplies. A new guy, not one of the regulars.

It makes me think it’s more Draco that is the conduit, rather than the house or something in the house.

She does usually see/sense the spirits first, although I was first with the original guy by the mirror, and Artemis was first with the guy in the porch. Some move on right away, and other stick around.

We’re certainly going to have to continue to look into things, definitely before we move. This is the second house we’ve lived in where a suicide took place, and we’re moving to a third. I have to ponder that as well… what the hell is it with this area and suicides?

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