Yuletide Yule Gift


If you have purchased a copy of Yule from any venue, send me the receipt and I will send a free copy of Litha to you as a thank you/Yule gift!

If you haven’t yet bought a copy of Yule – there is still time… stop by one of these sites and order your copy:
Kindle | Smashwords | Diesel eBook Store | B&N | Kobo | Etsy

To send a copy of the receipt, please use the contact form – either copy and paste it into the body, or attach it.

Offer valid until 12/21/11 at midnight.

Litha’s Ready!

We’ve finished the Litha chapbook, without one of the images we were going to use, but we’ll add it as a bonus in the Lughnasadh issue.

Click here for more information and our nifty purchase information!

Litha Delayed

We’re having issues with the images, so we’re expecting to be delayed at least until Friday.

The girls have done me proud, really. Rhia’s story is amusing and she left enough of a hook at the end to move it forward into Lughnasadh. Care’s coloring page is pretty darn good.

Now if I could just get it to lay out properly. ;)