Regarding the Chapbooks

Recently, it came to my attention that most people can not print out the included activities from several hand-held ebook readers. This goes against what I was assured when I was researching the possibilities of electronic publication… and kind of angers me, as even priced at $0.99, folks want what they’re paying for.

In light of this, I’m now offering a downloads page as a place to pick up the activities (which may sometimes include the crafts and/or stories as well) in a printer-friendly format.

If you have purchased any of the Sabbat chapbooks so far (Yule, Imbolc and Ostara) please send your electronic receipt via the contact form, and I’ll send the password to the downloads page to you.

I apologize for any and all inconvenience this bungle has caused, and for future reference, all chapbooks will come with a password for the corresponding pages.

Ostara – Available Now!

I know how behind I am with my challenges and keeping up with regular postings, but I will be getting back to the normality as soon as the bustle slows to a medium-crawl. <|;-) In the meantime, I did finish Ostara, send it off to the editor and get it back... and then didn't announce it when it released. This one is back to the $0.99 size, but it doesn't include the word search. Why? Well...

Ostara Wordsearch

I wanted to post something a little more interactive than a recipe or craft idea. I thought a printable puzzle was a great change of pace!

Hope you enjoy it… at this point, there isn’t an answer key for it, but if/when I get some extra time I’ll get one done. <|:-) As for Ostara, it's available through Kindle and Smashwords, soon across Nook, Kobo and Diesel as well.

Sprites Update

I’ve found some wonderful public domain images for coloring pages that are going to be included in the Sprites Pagan Kids stuff as soon as I have time to sort it all out.

Also, I’ve done five new word search puzzles, and there are word scrambles, crosswords and connect the dots coming soon, too!

The girls and I realized we’d not updated the Kids BOS since at least 2005. Definitely time for some fresh bits and bobs… we’re also hoping to get some of the recipes transferred to the BOS as well. Kids can help in the kitchen – mine have since they were waist-high and could barely see onto the counter.

Thing is, we’re omnivorous. If anyone out there has some fun, vegetarian or vegan recipes that kids can get involved in, please get in touch – you’ll be dually credited on your contribution!