GOYB Week #4 Check In

Ugh. Just, ugh.

Up a pound. Measurement-wise I actually gained an inch around my hips this past week, but everything else stayed the same.

I’m not going to lie, it’d been a bad week. I’ve been so busy with Belfire and getting Into a Long Ago Future ready to launch that I’ve been grabbing ‘whatever’ is handy for meals. It started out great, watching everything closely, but by Friday that was all swirling down the drain.

It’s Monday. It’s a new week, gotta bring the focus back. :)

The challenge was to figure out why we’re not making our health a priority. January started out with my health on the top of the list, with Belfire running a close second. Now, because of the crunch-time with getting the back-log titles out plus keeping up with the new titles, work has inched up and overtaken health concerns. Oh, and the food diary.

Not a good thing.

Like I said though, it’s a new week, and the beginning of a new month shortly, so I’m refocusing that intent to put my health first.

1 – continue with no pop through February*
2 – with the weather maintaining at above-seasonal averages at least for this next week, I’m going to walk. Probably not far, but at least it’ll be better than from here to the living room and back again.
3 – preparing meals rather than grabbing whatever!
4 – re-start the food diary

The challenge from our hostess for week #5 actually spans right through to week #8. She’d like us to do our measurements and weight daily, and log our cycle as well.

Erm… without getting too TMI for everyone… I can’t log my cycle. My weight has actually tossed my hormonal balance off, and anything after this is actually TMI so, yeah. But I can take my measurements daily!

Have a great week everyone! <|:^) * I was intending on treating myself to one small bottle of Fanta Tangerine, because I thought I saw it in the store. Apparently, Tangerine has been discontinued though, so it’s Orange. Just plain Orange. Why do companies get you hooked on a flavor, then drop it? Tangerine was the most popular flavor around here, everyone was drinking it. BUT – while it’s not carbonated and does have aspartame – Crystal Light has a flavor, Tangerine Grapefruit, that tastes just like Fanta Tangerine without the bubbles. It comes in both single-serve (which is perfect for 600-700ml of water as 500ml is too strong) and pitcher packs.

GOYB Week #3 Check In

I’m a bad, bad witch. I’ve been relatively good about keeping my food diary and I’ve definitely stayed off the colas and such.


I’ve not lost a single inch (not even a part of one) nor have I lost any weight. I haven’t done my challenge (yet) and I know I was eating more of the bad stuff in the last week. I have a bear thing, I swear. As soon as it gets cold, I want comfort food and that – for me – involves things like potatoes. Meat (not lean). Starchy veggies. And so on, and so on. I think in the last week, we went through three loaves of bread…

GOYB Week 1 – Toes in!

Technically a day late with this post, mostly because I had a darling little Scarlett here most of yesterday, and then there was a recovery period…

I don’t remember babies being so much fun and so much work at the same time. And Draco was doing most of the work! <|;) I've weighed in and done my measurements, recording them all at My Fitness Pal. I will take a before picture, but I won't be posting either that or the measurements until I feel more comfortable doing so. I know that's part of this challenge, to feel comfortable with this whole journey, but I'm just not, not yet. I expect the weight will creep up a bit over the coming week (possibly) as all the holiday indulgences pack on. Then again, who knows? I know I haven't been paying attention to my intake lately, so not only is that showing up by the edema I've been experiencing since Thursday, but by leg cramps as well. Nothing like your calf muscles saying HEY LOOK AT ME in the middle of the night! The Get Off Your Broom challenge hostess posted our mini challenges for the week. Two of those I've already mentioned above (weight, measurements & photo), and here is the other (or at least, my interpretation thereof): Create a plan.

My diet plan (Month 1):

  • Less pop, more water
  • Follow diabetic exchanges*
  • Start a food diary
  • My exercise plan (Month 1):

  • M,W,F – Biggest Loser DVD Workout
  • T,T,S – walking
  • S – yoga, blog
  • I’ll likely carry the exercise plan through to the end of the challenges (both GOYB & 60byXmas). Draco says she’s going to make me stick to it, and frankly, she’s damn scary. <|;)
    Until next week – I’d like to issue a little challenge of my own… sign up with Get Off Your Broom Witchy Fitness Challenge. Even if you’re at your perfect weight and you’re pretty fit – it’s an excellent way to focus on your physical being for the winter months.

    Good luck, fellow participants!

    * The diabetic exchange diet was recommended by my doctor, as there is a high prevalence of Type 2 in my maternal family, as well as Type 1 in my paternal family. So far, I’m clear on both (and I’m too old for Type 1 to show up now, I think..).