Review: A Patchwork of Magic

Title: Patchwork of Magic – Living in a Pagan World
Author: Julia Day
Publisher: Capall Bann
ISBN: 1-898-307210
Pages: 164 incl. back matter
Copyright: 1995 Julia Day
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Within the pages of “Patchwork of Magic” one will find humor disguised as thinly veiled sarcasm. Or – the author is using sarcastic humor to whack the reader with a ‘wake up!’ stick. Ms. Day takes a kind of look into pagan life that most folks only do in silence.

She’s telling it like we all see it, but are too uptight or too non-confrontational to say anything.

Yes, there are some useful tidbits of magical information. Yes, in some ways it’s a short version of a regular old “101.” Realistically I would not have given this book a second glance nor the enthusiastic thumbs up I am doing, had Ms. Day not loaded it down with the giggles.

Quote pg. 62 para. 1 & 2
“Get a soapbox! Get a pedestal! Get a grandmother who was in the Craft, or failing that, an elderly aunt that didn’t go to church too often. Make sure that you DO NOT tell anything of worth to anyone and make them promise not to tell what little they do glean to anyone else, (as you are already writing a book on the subject).

Get people to take very complicated oaths that do not quite fit in with commonsense and then get really miffed when they come to you a while later and say it is not what they were hoping for.”

A definite must have for the shelf, if you can find a copy.

5 of 5 Broomsticks

Jodi Lee, aka ierne Morrighan Corvidae, is a 20+ year veteran of pagan paths. A full-time freelance editor, she is the owner/publisher of Belfire Press.