Sprites – Corn Mother

Create a Corn Mother:

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Items needed:
1 ear dried Indian corn with colorful kernels
1 round, wooden base approx.: 5″ X 5″ in diameter
1/2-inch wide-headed nail
1 skein natural off-white wool
12 feathers
glue, hammer, corn meal, and a smal bowl

Begin by placing the base on two bricks, books or rocks bottom side up. Hammer the nail through the center of the base until nailhead is flush with bottom of base. Turn base over. Spread glue 1/2″ wide around nail. Unhusk dried corn if necessary. Holding corn carefully, push teem end onto nail . Thin end points up. Apply light coating of glue to your hands and apple to cob to ensure yarn will adhere to it.

Tie one end of yarn around base of corn cob with a tight knot. Push knot under cob if possible. Wind yarn around the ear from the base to the top until all kernels are covered.

Place feathers into top of ear in a pleasing pattern which resembles a headress.

* * * *

Dedicate the Corn Mother:

Hold her up to the North, charge Her wih peaceful energies, and say these or similar words:
Powers of the North! Bless this Corn Mother!

Hold her up to the East, say:
Powers of the East! Bless this Corn Mother!

Hold her up to the South, say:
Powers of the South! Bless this Corn Mother!

Hold her up to the West, say:
Powers of the West, bless this Corn Mother!

Place the Corn Mother in Her new home. This should be a spot of some prominence, such as the kitchen table; or some other place. Fill a bowl with corn meal. Slowly sprinkle a circle of corn meal three times around the corn Mother while saying:
May this Corn Mother bless our home with happiness and peace.

It is done.

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