Full Moon Dark

We had good intentions, wanting to work some familial magick during a very auspicious full moon eclipse, yesterday.

Instead, we all barely functioned through the entire day.

Draco seemed to be the only one who managed to stay awake and stay alert, whereas Artemis and I were dragging if not sleeping. I think I must’ve had five cat-naps throughout the afternoon and evening.

I’ve always felt the call of the moon – the pull. Even during the dark of the moon, I can feel it there. And yet, this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues during a lunar eclipse, and I warrant I’m not the only one. Only once did a lunar eclipse pass with plans go perfectly.

I have occasion to remember that night, sometimes with fondness, other times with what borders on regret. The power felt in our group that night was astounding, and I’m not sure we’ve had that since.

So, in the end, Draco worked on her homework and her Total Miner world, Artemis did what Artemis does in the solitude of her room and I… I did some editing and some graphics work, and napped. A lot. Dinner was quick and to the point – homemade pizza done in twenty minutes, eaten in five. Not planned.

It does make me wonder if perhaps planning these things isn’t necessary, nor even wanted, but a vague decision to do something with what’s at hand is what’s called for. Obviously we have a lot of time to think and research such ideas, as the next total lunar eclipse isn’t until April of 2014. Either we do a lot of planning, or we don’t, and wing it.

Perhaps the best thing to do is plan to have a lot of sleep beforehand! ;)

For now – I have an interview that was due some time ago, and may not make it for their Yule issue… Must get on it again!

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