Catch Up, and GOYB Week 2

Back online, finally… it’s been a week of a lot of rest and relaxation, without my computer!

52Weeks posts, Imbolc and the amazing disappearing tarot posts will be posted as soon as I get some time to get them organized. I’ve got some handwritten stuff for the blog and tarot, and Imbolc is still with the independent editor. Tick tock, and all that. <|;-p Also, I've got some excellent recipes to share once I get 'em typed up! As for GOYB, week 1 was a start, anyway. I’ve had no pop of any sort since the 1st, and I’ve cut my coffee intake by half, substituting tea instead. I’ve tripled my water intake, though we’re using bottled rather than the Brita (I need new filters). My food diary looks all neat and tidy right now, each item listed so carefully.

Honestly, I’m rather proud of that. Usually my food diaries consisted of scribbled notes on bits of paper or post-its. When Draco and I went pet-supply shopping, we found spiral-bound notebooks really cheap, and since she’s always buying them to re-do her notes for class, I got her to grab one for me, too.

And then, we cleaned out an old binder, fixed the dividers and I’ve now got it packed full of loose-leaf for notes on projects – including Get Off Your Broom. Finally, a bit – even this tiny bit – of organization.

The rest of the time, she and I watched the entire Dexter, seasons 1-6, while Artemis spent her happy time on the laptop. She had a bad week, last week, which was why I didn’t push too hard to get my computer running quicker. She needed some time doing her things, and I did need a break from everything else.

To wrap up for GOYB – I lost two pounds, and 1.5 inches. I did some very basic exercise to get started… it’s been so long since I did anything of note in that direction that I’m starting slowly. By the end of the month, though, I want to get on those Biggest Loser dvds. And the milk jugs I’m turning into kettle-bells should be done by Wednesday…LOL

For this week, the second week, I’ll be working on the hostess’ challenge to look at our other health problems, see what may or may not be directly related to the weight and fitness issues. That’s up next weekend, when I hope to get into the routine of posting on Sunday with everyone else.

Have a great week folks!

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