GOYB Week #3 Check In

I’m a bad, bad witch. I’ve been relatively good about keeping my food diary and I’ve definitely stayed off the colas and such.


I’ve not lost a single inch (not even a part of one) nor have I lost any weight. I haven’t done my challenge (yet) and I know I was eating more of the bad stuff in the last week. I have a bear thing, I swear. As soon as it gets cold, I want comfort food and that – for me – involves things like potatoes. Meat (not lean). Starchy veggies. And so on, and so on. I think in the last week, we went through three loaves of bread…

So, this week we’re focusing on better foods again. Granted, some of it will be in the form of soup (I still have turkey broth left from Yule), as well as a hamburger/veggie soup I intend to make at the end of the week. In between times, Draco and I have sole fillets in the freezer, and there is a very nice 5 ounce piece of steak in there as well – very lean. That’s going to be a small stew… Planning ahead should help, particularly if I can convince the girls that most of the food stays in the freezer locked outside. ;)

Frankly I just couldn’t be bothered to leave the warmth of the house to trudge through snow to get to it. Out of sight, out of mind!

I’ve decided that next month, I must kick my white basmati habit. I intend to check the local superstore for brown basmati next time we’re there.

Good luck next week, folks!

<|;-) (PS – usually I comment on next week’s challenge, but it wasn’t posted yet, as of my writing this…)

(PPS – edit 1/24/12 – It’s up! The mini-challenge this week is to think about reasons and the excuses we use why we don’t make our health, our fitness, a priority. This one is going to be tough!)

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