CP – The Mother’s Words

My intent in making this transcription is that this be placed into the public domain. You may send this as you wish, please keep it intact, and attribute it to the Freefolk, by way of Thermal.
*Please contact ierne if you wish to contact Thermal – thank you*

Again I stand before you to be seen, know I stand within you still, and all about, for I am that which gives birth.
I am the face beyond the door, and the way to the door, and the door into life.
I am the face you saw when you first gave suck, and the breast from which you drank, and I am the breast from which your life still flows.
And I am the breast upon which you will rest at the end of wanting.
I am the robe about the world, and you and all that live are my robe.
I am the mystery of all mysteries who dwells within you, to be known to you who love enough to see.
And all who wear my flesh can have my power, and know my wisdom, for it is love, and love is what you give of what you have.
I am the love you give to Children, in taking care of them you become me.
REJOICE ! I am the earth on which we dance, and we are the earth arisen to dance.
REJOICE ! I am the pleasures of the dance, all things of pleasure bring you unto me.
REJOICE ! I am the song that all lives sing, and every cell of you enchants my song.
REJOICE ! I honor you, as you will honor me.
REJOICE ! My arms enfold you, hold me and I will hold you, and together, laughing, we will all be free.
(Spoken by all present) “and together, laughing, we will all be free”..

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