Forsaken by Technia

It’s been some time since I posted anything, and definitely even more time since I’ve been able to work on the series. Unfortunately, we’ve been struck with technical issues here at the Corvidae household, resulting in the complete collapse of the computer we were using.

I don’t even have an old machine to sacrifice to Technica this time! <|;^) However, the girls' dad came to the rescue and loaned us a machine that will get us through this patch while he either fixes or upgrades (depending on my finances at the end of this month) the compusaur. I've got most of the software installed, and the rest is coming along. Once the back-up files are brought over to this machine, I'll be neck-deep in catching up.
I’ve been thinking though, since I need to raise the money to get the old girl fixed ($90 or so) and an upgrade is not much more than that (about $180, so double) I should give it all a real push and get an upgrade. I can’t really lower the prices on the chapbooks that are already out, but I have lowered the price on my short story collection, Into a Long Ago Future, as well as created a $1 off coupon. If ebooks are more to folks tastes, I’ve created a 50% off coupon for that. Click the links below and use the associated code if you’re interested!

For print ($6.99), go to Createspace and use code ZQPRYEFA:

For ebooks ($2.99) in all formats, go to Smashwords and use code MM56P:

And I’m also still doing readings, so if you want the answer to a quick question or two, check out the Readings page… very reasonable prices!

While I’m waiting for the back-up to be done, I’ll be working on two other projects that have sat at the sidelines. A Pagan Alternative to Healing (includes my Reiki courses) and Soupy Satisfaction will be ready within the next week or two, and depending on their final page counts, I may put them into print as well. If you’re interested, please comment or contact me and I’ll get you on the list!

Mmmm. Speaking of soup, it’s time to get the combo-stock started…


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