PP – Introduction

By Jodi Lee
~Originally Published August 2000~
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Pagan parenting is something we are all interested in, if we are pagan. Most of us with kids understand the difficulties in locating good materials and ideas, and those without kids worry about the future of the children they may have. Thank the Goddess for the world wide web!!

Many pages owned by pagan parents will have some little tidbit to share, whether it be simple recipes for kids to make, or elaborate rituals designed with kids in mind. With this in my heart as I surf the net, I had hoped to find an outlet for pagan parent knowledge, and a sharing circle where we could come together to chat, share tips and vent frustrations if need be. Well, the job at BellaOnline fell thru, so I am taking it up myself – I will be opening up my Triskele forum as a place for pagan parents and kids to come and chat, message, the whole nine yards. Every other week or so I hope to add an article here and at the forum, and ya’ll can flip flop back and forth.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting articles on the Sabbats, Esbats, and many pantheons of deities that come with being a pagan. As well, information on various paths followed, as well as rituals and spells, are part of my files being prepared. For now, though, here is a sample!

I have an exceptionally witchy daughter as I found out this past summer. She was standing in the center of the circle I constructed in the backyard, raising her arms to the skies, and laughing. When I followed her gaze, I saw that she had stirred up a pair of doves that had nested in the tree close by. They flitted above her head, cooing softly as they flew. When she lowered her arms, the pair settled once again, on the nest containing their eggs. She walked around the circle, counter clockwise, stopping at the point of each direction. Finally, she was finished and I walked over to her.

I have rarely seen such excitement on her little face! The doves had come to talk to her while she played “circle” because they wanted to thank her for her gift of birdseed left at the base of the tree. She chattered on for a bit, telling me what she had said as she was in circle, and what she had done. I was listening silently, marvelling at her knowledge. This little girl, my youngest, had never seen me in circle, and as far as I knew, never saw a circle elsewhere, as I am solitary. Their bedroom windows do not face out towards the circle, but in the opposite direction, and very circle I have held in my yard was held late at night, well after the girls had been asleep.

I crouched down beside her then, gave her a big hug, and let her lead me inside for a treat. Which, I must admit, I gave to her without the teasing arguments that I usually did.

Children are amazing!

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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