PP – Review of Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth

By Jodi Lee
~Originally Published December 2000~
(see author/copyright info below)

Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth
By Dorothy Morrison

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Number of Pages (incl. back matter): 198
ISBN: 1-56718-496-0
Copyright: Dorothy Morrison 2000
Release: Fall 2000

I literally itched to get this book from the moment it was offered to me. Dorothy Morrison has made a large impact on the pagan community with her warmth and heart, and I feel honored to recommend this book. And that I do, highly! Particularly at this time of year – a season to prepare and give gifts, to celebrate the birth of the Sun, to celebrate our families, our friends, our lives.

I think I gained five pounds just reading and imagining the recipes – I envisioned Ms. Morrison’s “Ambrosia” (pg 128) melting in my mouth; “Gingerbread Cookies” (pg 127) and “Wassail”
(pg 144) for all at my family gathering this holiday season.

This of course leads to thoughts of presents for various family members. Almost all of my family is unbearably difficult to buy for – so I simplify and give them all pictures of the girls. For those who invariably require something a little more (like my much younger brothers, who aren’t much older than my girls) I try to find something to suit their personalities.

This year, each of them is getting gifts made by my little family, following directions in “Yule”. My mother (again, the most difficult person to buy for), along with the candle holders described in a previous article, will get a Potpourri Lamp (pg 101) with slight modifcations (I have a Hurricane Lamp that will be excellent for this!!). This will be from myself, as the girls have laid claim on the previously mentioned candle-holders. As well, I’ll be giving her an Instant Spa Basket (pg 100). My brothers will receive the game and goodies I mentioned in “Christmas With The Family”, The Coffee Spoons they’re getting are found on page 149. My grandparent’s will be getting a modified version of the Stocking Identifiers on page 64. These will be modified to be used as ornaments on their little tree.

Here’s a sample of Ms. Morrison’s work, from page 51:

The Dawning of Solstice

T’was the dawning of Solstice
The shortest day of the year
And we cheered on the Mother
For Her delivery was near
And as we watched the pink streaks
That flashed bright in the sky
We knew he was coming
In the flash of an eye
Then the Mother groaned once
And an orange streak appeared
Then yellow, then white
And we all laughed and cheered
Then the first ray of sunshine
Bathed us all with its light
And we knew that the Sun
Had been born of the Night
And He rose in the sky – Just a tiny bright ball -
To warm our hearts and our planet…
Happy Solstice to all!
Adapted by Dorothy Morrison from the 1823 poem
“A Visit From St.Nicholas” By Clement C. Moore

Ya’ll have a little time before it’s too late for this year’s Yule celebrations. If you are at a creative loss for ideas, or just wish to try something new – I cannot stress enough – THIS BOOK COVERS IT! From the origins of the multitude of celebrations, to crafts and activities, to a countdown calendar – Ms.Morrison’s “Yule” is a perfect resource to help you welcome the Sun!

I bet it would make a great gift too!

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