Bullies and Bullshit

If you don’t want to hear about bullies and my thoughts and plans, move along. Any comments left about how I’m being a bad influence, or anything as such, will be deleted. My girls have been through enough in the past four years, I don’t want to hear about how the bullies need love and understanding. They need cattle prods and razor wire.

My daughter is the target of bullies. This probably comes as no surprise to most parents, because at some point pretty well all kids will be the target of other kids.

Rhia’s bullies like to tell her she’d be better off if she killed herself. They like to tell her she’s a slut and a whore. They like to tell her how they tortured our missing Siamese cat, and killed him. They like to escalate it into physical issues such as tripping, pushing and in one act of extreme bullying, they surrounded her on their bikes (while she was riding her bike) and crowding her into the path of oncoming traffic. She has come home bruised from the stones they throw and as luck would have it I know how to repair glasses, because one of those stones snapped the arm from the frame.

The bike incident happened a scant few days after she’d learned to ride a two-wheel bicycle. The stones incident happened almost exactly a year later, again while she was on her bike. Are you wondering why she was 10 years old before she learned to ride a two-wheel bicycle?

Rhia has Cerebral Palsy. If you’ve read my blogs before, you know this.

She walks funny, and she sometimes talks funny. She holds her body differently than other kids, and her emotional state of being is at a much lower age than she is.

The school has attempted to help, I do have to admit that. It took threats of pulling Rhia out of school and home-schooling her before anything was done. The last principal did nothing. This principal at least pays lip-service…and I do believe he’d do something if we can get Rhia to go to him when something happens. The parents are useless fucks. I know one of them was quite likely a bully in his day, from the way he spoke to me on the phone after the stones incident. That’s fine.

I was bullied as a child. I had the shit beaten out of me, until my uncles taught me how to fight back, and they taught me how to fight dirty. Why bother trying to ward off the blows, when you can go straight for the balls? Why bother trying to pull hair, when you can go straight for the jugular?

I’ve grown up though, and having gone through similar experiences as a kid, I have to say this – the only way to deal with a juvenile bully is to find someone bigger and meaner to bully right back. Rhia can’t fight back…she doesn’t have the balance or the strength. I’ve come to the decision that should those creatures come after her again outside of the school’s limitations, I will let loose someone bigger and meaner. No – not me, although I’d love to wrap my hands around the neck of the kid that told Rhia he was going to break into our house and kill her in her sleep… no, just as I had my uncles, Rhia has hers.

As for the girly bullies that are like black flies to Care, I’m taking care of them too. The next time one of them punches Care, or trips her, she is free to retaliate. I’ve told the school. The cyber-bullying will stop now too…I’m reporting the kids and their bullshit to the local ISP. If that means the school or the parents or the library loses their internet, I don’t give a flying fuck. Maybe these people should be watching their spawn instead of swilling their beer and worrying about their slot machines.

When my kids are too scared to go out for a bike ride in a town of 400 people, what does that say? I no longer tell people what a wonderful little town this is, because it’s bullshit. A lot of these folks grew up here, yes…and most of them seem to forget that I practically did too. Peyton fucking Place… I can’t wait until I can find the time to write it. Ha.

Anyway, we’re done ignoring, we’re done walking away. We’re done ‘turning the other cheek’ for lack of a better pagan term. I raised my kids to not turn to violence because that is their paternal heritage and I know they’re better than that.

I have a half-dozen poppets here, black cotton and black ribbon. Black candles and Banishing oil. I have Wormwood, I have Foxglove and I have Belladonna. And I have their names.

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