And then there was that cold spot…

Last night, both brothers were over to visit. This left the girls with mixed emotions, since their youngest uncle (Jordie) always hijacks the computer and usually they’re on it when he does. The oldest uncle wanted to play Monopoly. Jare (yes, my mother had a J thing…) has kicked our asses so many times the girls just don’t wanna play anymore. I can’t blame them – how often can one person end up with ALL the properties and bankrupt the rest of them in under three hours? Well, so far Jare has done it twice.

Rather than do that, we had a seance.

Don’t get yer knickers in a twist, I’ve had experience doing this for years, as we used to do them at Mom’s ‘back in the day’ when Jare was just a l’il thing and Jordie wasn’t even a twinkle in their paternal line. Over the years I’ve attended and hosted several such evenings. Recently, we’ve combined ghosthunting with the seance part, and last night was kinda…wow. Reminder – the boys are NOT easily frightened. They’ve grown up with me, and I’m the kind that gets a kick out of screaming and slamming on the brakes during car trips if they’d fallen asleep.

My house is old. I’m not entirely sure of the whole history, but the woman whose husband built the house still lives next door. Now, whether or not he built the whole thing, or pieced it together from many (more likely) I’m not sure. Either way, the property is OLD as well.

In the past month we’ve found out we have four resident formerly-human spirits, and two formerly-feline.

Amber is six and lives in Rhia’s closet. She drops the temperatures like crazy, and occasionally manifests as a shadow-thing.

Grace is fourteen, and lives in Care’s room. She’s… different. She seems to stay in Care’s room for the most part, and manifests as a shadow-thing when necessary (usually to startle me). Other than that she sticks to tapping and growling. Yes, growling. It’s a rather creepy sound, honestly.

I don’t know how old Ted and Abe are, but they live here too. Ted was a cop, and he doesn’t like me because I’m fat. That’s what he says anyway (I rolled my eyes and told him to bite my plentiful ass). Abe lives in the basement and stands at the bottom of the stairs, glaring up at us. He’s thumped, knocked, banged and given the girls some good scares while they’re down there. I noticed him when we looked at the house before I decided to rent it. Neither Ted nor Abe seem to like us living here, because it’s ‘their’ house. What-the-fuck-ever. I pay the rent, so for now, it’s mine.

Pye is here, too. Care had been saying for some time that she felt he was in her room still, and sometimes there are indentations in the blankets. We’ve all heard him, too. The other former-feline is my first cat, Maggie. Apparently, she is the orb I saw in the kitchen during our first hunt, and I think one or both of them curl up by my feet when I’m working. Too, I think it’s been Maggie all these years – the mysterious presence on my bed, no matter where I’ve lived – always a cat, though. Pretty cool.

We also have contact with the grandparents (much teariness followed those, let me tell ya) and our uncle. I know there are sceptics out there, and I don’t care. I have asked pre-determined test questions and kept my hands off the glass on the spirit-board. I first asked my uncle what he said to my cousin when he and DW slipped off during his last Christmas with us. They’d gotten into my uncle’s Jeep, and gone to DW’s dad’s gravel pit, and did…well, guy/truck/snow things. He chased a bunch of jack rabbits, and hollered out “Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits”. Only Uncle B. and DW knew that until 1988, when DW asked him at another seance, what had happened. I’ve used that as a test question since. Another one for Uncle B. last night, was what color his truck was. See, the boys didn’t come along until our uncle had been gone for three and more years. I was barely twelve when he died, and Jare wasn’t born until I was almost fifteen. There was no way the girls knew the answer either, but I did. It was red.

Grandpa came on last night and freaked the boys a bit (ok, I think it was more than a bit). At first, we didn’t understand…Jordie caught it. “aret useit” was the message. When Jare was about two, maybe nearly three, he was caught sneaking Grandpa’s tape measure from the tool box (the grands were building a new house, and Grandpa was right in there with the carpenters). When asked what he was doing, he said “Bumpa’s… Aret Useit” or, in non-toddlerese, “Grandpa’s, Jarrett use it.” Grandma had a message for him, too – “Be happy”. Also from his toddler days, when the song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ was on the radio all the time. Jare was a solemn little thing, rarely smiling. He wasn’t smiling the day Mom caught him singing that song, either. Strapped in the car seat, moving his fingers to the music and singing “b ‘appy” with the saddest expression.

For Jordie, Grandpa said “mulah”. Jordie’s always been a bit of a – well, he has a stronger work ethic than anyone else his age, and has been working for years. He’s putting himself through college for the most part, and with very little help. He’s going to be rich, apparently, when he’s done with it. :) Grandma told him she loves him.

It’s freaky, sometimes. It’s freakier when other things start happening during vigils.

Remember I mentioned the six year old in Rhia’s closet? She gets uber-snarky when the uncles tease Rhia, and showed us her temper last night. Not only did she drop the temp in the room, but when Jordie stood in the closet, she took his arm. Needless to say, he beat it out of there rather quickly. Later on, she bit him on the arm, and although the pic sucks, I hope he emails it to me – we had to use his camera phone. There were four tiny teeth marks, definitely not belonging to any of us, and they were obviously human. Within an hour, it had bruised and swelled into quite an impressive bump. Not long after, Jare had been doing his best to scare the ‘ll outta Rhia, he went to go into her room and Amber manifested as a form similar to a shadow, and chased him out.

There were plenty of orbs, physical reactions (both Jare and Jordie ended up totally wiped out) and strange dark shapes, along with moved trigger objects, freaked out animals and a swinging ladle (Care hung one up where the heater fan doesn’t circulate the air, and there really was no reason for it to move…). The vigils started out quiet enough, but definitely progressed quickly.

During one of our first vigils weeks ago, Care used her MP3 player to do some voice recording/EVP tests. During a check afterwards, she found that all of her files had been wiped, and she had full memory again. Anything we’d captured was gone. Last night (Saturday, btw) Rhia used her MP3 player, and ended up with NOTHING on it. When I say nothing, I literally mean nothing. No files, no memory. I had to reinstall the software for it. I believe Jordie had trouble with his camera phone as well.

I just wish whichever one of them likes watching Most Haunted, and plays with my hair when I’m working would stop. I mean, I don’t mind the company when I’m watching MH, but when I’m knee deep in edits and totally concentrating, having someone flip my ponytail is totally unnerving.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve ever lived anywhere without ghosts of some sort…

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