R – Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners

By Jodi Lee
Originally Published 2003
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Title: Bach Flower Remedies For Beginners
Author: David F. Vennells
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0-7387-0047-9
Copyright/Release: 2001 David F. Vennells

Mr. Vennells has presented the reader with an excellent resource on the Bach Flower Remedies..his style of writing is much like a friendly teacher, which makes the book an easy read. It also lends the reader an ability to understand and retain the information provided.

Beginning with a basic explanation of the noted Dr. Edward Bach, and his discovery of these new treatments, moving toward a reflection on his life, Mr. Vennells gives the student a past history that many books neglect to mention. If one is to truly understand and wish to study further into the Remedies, this history is definitely needed.

The author then moves forward, explaining each remedy in turn, how they work and the process for creation. Not only does he include this information for humans, but also for animals – which is another glaring omission in most books. The book finishes off with a few case studies and notes from practitioners.

Quote pg. 51

“The remedies help us change our mind; not the world around us, but by changing our mind, all things change. Our perception of ourself, our environment, and others changes completely when we change our mind or when our mind is changed. This tried and tested ancient wisdom for solving all our problems can be summed up in one phrase:
All we need is a happy mind.”

Quote pg. 94 – Rescue Remedy

“The Rescue Remedy was devised by Dr. Bach to be used mainly in emergency situations or after an accident, physical injury or shock. Many people carry a bottle of this wherever they go, and it has been an invaluable life-saver in countless instances. The Rescue Remedy is made up of five of the Bach remedies: Clematis for faintness, drowsiness and sleepiness; Star of Bethlehem for shock; Rock Rose for extreme fear of terror; Impatiens for irritation and frustration; and Cherry Plum for extreme mental pressure. This is a wonderful remedy to use in any emergency or in any daily situation where we are worried, irritated, drowsy, frightened, shocked or under a lot of pressure. For example, we could use it before and after an exam, interview, a confrontational situation or giving a public speech.”

All in all, a most wonderful example of another “new” method of healing.

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