R – Women Celebrating Life

By Jodi Lee
Originally Published 2000
(see author/copyright info below)

Author: Elizabeth Owens
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
ISBN: 1-56718-508-8
Pages: 240
Released: July of 2000

Llewellyn Publications sent a proof out to me a while back. I set aside the other books I’m reviewing for the summer articles – and happily delved into “Women Celebrating Life” . I don’t think there is a single event in a woman’s life that Ms.Owens hasn’t covered in the wonderful book. When this book is released (July or August at the latest), I most heartily advise every woman looking for emotional, spiritual, and timely healing methods and rituals to beg, borrow or buy this book!

Yes, I am gushing. So, for now, I’ll put that aside and give you a glimpse of what is contained within the cover.

Ms.Owens begins by explaining in detail the ceremony of ritual. Tools, uses and an example are given. My favorite line from this section is: “I have always found that a happy heart and positive thought attract favorable conditions…(snip)…This begins the healing process.” She lists ways of performing even the smallest of daily rituals – such as journalling, and affirmations. Feeling good about yourself, your life and those around you are important parts of the healing process. If saying “I am important” every morning before leaving the house, makes you feel good about yourself, healthy within yourself – do it!

Within the pages of Ms.Owens book are rituals for the many stages of life – childhood, puberty, becoming a woman, birthdays, releasing relationships, pregnancy and birth – from youth to menopause, Ms.Owens covers each with compassion and intelligence – giving advice and ideas for our special moments in life.

I would like to offer a glimpse of the section on releasing an illness, as many people knowingly, or unknowingly hold onto an illness. I quote from the “Journal Entries” suggestions on Page 169; following that is the “Affirmations” from Page 170.

Journal Entries

-It would be healthy for my body if I…
-Emotional stresses that add to my illness are…
-I will strive to eliminate them by…
-To improve my health, what I need to eliminate is…
-To improve my health, what I need to add is…
-The steps I can take to prevent illness are…
-Is there anything toxic in my environment?

Affirmations for Health

-I am whole, healed and happy
-I am abundantly healthy
-Goddess blesses me with perfect health
-I am healed within the white light of God
-Good health surrounds me now
-I am blessed by the Goddess with robust health
-I am only attracted to healthy food
-Spirit walks with me on a path of health
-Where there is love there is healing
-I dwell within the bubble of white light

I hope this little taste will entice some of you to go and check the shelves at the bookstores!

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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