Pentacle Approved!

A note from Jill Medicine Heart

Re-posted with permission from Jill….

Today is a day of celebration in Pagan History! A day that no one will ever forget. Certainly not me.

I want to personally thank everyone who have been supportive of Bear and I during his illness and his still hopeful recovery– I want to thank everyone for putting up with me and forwarding all this info about the Pentacle Quest as well. I want to thank everyone for your time and patience that you may have put into the Quest yourself and on the behalf of other veterans.

As a litigant in this case this became very personal and very secretive. <-Grin-> Approximately about 3 weeks ago I was added and that is when the VA decided to settle it’s case against Circle Sanctuary. There were two there mitigating circumstance that were added to the fold– but for the VA to know that they had a pagan veteran who now resides in one of their facility’s I believe put the icing on the cake. Also, things moved sooo quickly there was no time to inform anyone about the new developements.

Never again can the VA discriminate other veteran’s of other faiths– we have paved the way for them– other faiths cannot be declared as second class faiths!

Right now the press releases have been hiting the news media left and right and things are bit crazy with all the emails I am getting over this Quest.

I love you all! I thank you again for your continued love and support for the last 20 months– you have been wonderful. May each and every one of you be blessed for all that you do!

Much love, hugs, kisses–

Jill Medicine Heart Combs

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