R – Egyptian Paganism for Beginners

Title: Egyptian Paganism for Beginners
Author: Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Copyright/Release: © Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon; 2004
ISBN: 0-7387-0438-5
Pages: 276 pp. including front and back matter

Touted as the “essential introductory guide to Egyptian Magic, myth and ritual”, the authors have done a splendid job in presenting just that. A very basic, very brief introduction. And while a great deal of it does discuss the Egyptian material, there is a lot of commonly found, basic information on paganism in general.

The meatier part of the book, and therefore the more interesting part, were the inclusions of the widely varying “neteru”, the gods and goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon. Here we find an interesting layout of Invocations, Replies and Closings for each of the neteru listed, along with an outline of who and what they were. I find it interesting that this is the first book through which I’ve grasped the concept of Horus the Elder, and Horus the Younger. I feel it is due to the authors frank and clear descriptions and assignment of various interpretations both classical and modern.

Quote: Page 233 “Harseisis”
“Horus the Younger is the son of Isis, known to Egyptians as Hor-sa-Aset, and known to Greeks as Harsiese or Harseisis. As explained previously, he was conceived by magical means after the death of his father Osiris and brought up in secret by Isis. He is also called Horus the Child (Hor-pa-khred in Egyptian, or Harpocrates in Greek) and Horus-avenger-of-his-father (Hor-nedj-her-itef in Egyptian or Harendotes in Greek). As a child, he is depicted as a young boy wearing his hair in the plaited side-lock of youth and often holding one finger to his lips.”

It was an interesting, encompassing read and not one to be taken lightly. I felt the need to write notes and compare with other texts, listed and not listed in the extensive Acknowledgements and Bibliography sections. For those that are truly interested in following an Egyptian path, I must insist that this book graces your shelves, whether or not you need an introduction to the path.

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Jodi Lee, aka ierne, is a 20+ year veteran of pagan paths. A single work at home mom, she is currently hard at work on her first novel.


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