CP – Freefolk Charge of the Dark Mother

My intent in making this transcription is that this be placed into the public domain. You may send this as you wish, please keep it intact, and attribute it to the Freefolk, by way of Thermal.
*Please contact ierne if you wish to contact Thermal – thank you*

Why do you call to me?

I am always with you.

I was at the beginning, I am now, and I will be at the ending. I stand before you in the night, with stars and moon before me, and I stand within you in your mind, with your spirit and your thoughts before me.

I am the Cauldron into which all things must fall, and I am the Womb from which all things are born. I am the face beyond the door into Life, and I am the curtain before which you dance, and I am the breast upon which you will rest at the end of wanting. I am the wisdom beyond knowing, and I am the page upon which all that can be known is written, and I am the knowing which ends all fear.

I am within the Quarters, and I am beyond the quarters, and I am between the beatings of your heart. I am the cup which holds all Light, and I am the cup which holds all Life, and within me and upon me does the great wheel turn.

Give me no sacrifice, for all things come to me in their time, and I can be neither called nor sent away. Fear me not, for your fear or your courage will avail nothing, but your courage will comfort you.

Love me if you can, for I am the Mother of all, and your Love will be strong enough to reach all, and Love is the way to all delight. Rejoice you, within my embrace, and take comfort upon my breast, for I birth Galaxies, and Stars, and You, that in your freedom you may learn to Love.

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