CP – Celtic Triads

Originally collected in this form and posted by Chasmalin (talebinder) at: Magick Faith Forum
Original Author(s) unknown – Reposted with permission

An Omnium-Gatherum

~Concerning three things that hide: an open bag hides nothing, an open door hides little, an open person hides something.
~Three errors not acknowledged: fear of an enemy, torment of love, and a jealous persons’ evil suspicion of their mate.
~Three possessions we value most take away pride from us: our money, our time, and our conscience.
~Three things by nature cause their possessor to err: youth, prosperity, and ignorance.
~ Three things resemble each other: a bright sword which rusts from long staying in the scabbard, bright water which stinks from long standing, and wisdom which is dead from long disuse.
~ Three things not easy to check: the stream of a cataract, an arrow from a bow, and a rash tongue .
~ Three things hard to catch: a stag on the mountain, a fox in the wood, and the coin of the miserly scrooge.
~There are three things each very like the other: an old blind horse playing the harp with his hoofs, a pig in a silk dress, and a merciless person prating about piety.
~Three things as good as the best: bread and milk against hunger, a white coat against the cold, and a yeoman’s son in a breach.
~Three things which are not hidden: a straw in the shoe, a awl in a bag, and a harlot in a crowd.
~Three sweet things in the world: power, prosperity, and error in action.
~Three strong things in the world: a lord, a fool, and the Void.
~There are three things which move together as quickly the one as the other: lightning , thought , and the help of the Mighty Ones.
~Three things not loved without each one it’s companion: day without night, idleness without hunger, and wisdom without reverence.
~There are three whose full reward can never be given to them: parents, a good teacher, and the Mighty Ones.
~Three glories of a gathering: a comely mate, a good horse, and a swift hound.
~Three things which constitute a healer: a complete cure, leaving no blemish behind, and a painless examination.
~Three false sisters: “perhaps”, “maybe”, and “I dare say”.
~Three timid brothers: “Hush!” “Stop!” “Listen!”
~Three youthful sisters: desire, beauty, and generosity.
~Three aged sisters: groaning, chastity, and ugliness.
~Three slender things that best support the world: the slender stream of milk from the cows dug into the pail; the slender blade of green corn upon the ground; the slender thread over the hand of a skilled woman.
~Three keys that unlock thoughts: drunkenness; trustfulness; love.
~Three sounds of increase: the lowing of a cow in milk; the din of a smithy; the swish of a plow.
~Three unbreathing things paid for only with breathing things: An apple tree, a hazel bush, a sacred grove.

Respecting Excellence

~Three things by which excellence is established: Taking all things in moderation with nothing in excess; abidance to oaths; and acceptance of responsibility.
~It is easier to determine the truth when these three prime evidences are existent: physical items which tell a story; trustworthy witnesses which tell their story; and concurrence with known truths.
~Three things from which never to be moved: one’s oaths; one’s Gods; and the truth.
~Three things which strengthen a person to stand against the whole world: Seeing the quality and beauty of truth; seeing beneath the cloak of falsehood; and seeing to what ends truth and falsehood come.
~There are three things excellent among worldly affairs: hating folly; loving excellence; and endeavoring constantly to learn.
~Three manifestations of humanity: Affectionate bounty; loving manner; and praiseworthy knowledge. ~Three things which spring from following lawful goodness: universal love from the Wise; worldly sufficiency, and better place in the life to come.
~Three things without which there can be nothing good: truth; peace; and generosity.
~Three beautiful beings of the world: the upright, the skillful, and the reasonable.
~Three tendencies of a persons lifetime: hope, love, and joy.
~Three things excellent for anyone: valor, learning, and discretion.
~Three things must be united before good can come of them: thinking well, speaking well, and acting well.
~Three things are becoming a person: knowledge, good deeds, and gentleness.
~Three things it is everyone’s duty to do: listen humbly, answer discreetly, and judge kindly.
~Three things one should keep always before them: their worldly duty, their conscience, and the Laws of Nature.
~Three sureties of happiness: good habits, amiability, and forbearance.
~Three things without which there can be nothing good: truth, valor, and generosity.
~Three marvelous deeds: to forgive a wrong done, to amend everything possible, and to refrain from injustice.
~Three joys of the happy: avoidance of excess, peace, and loyalty.
~Three antagonists of goodness: arrogance, passion, and covetousness.
~Three rewards of those who learn to temper their emotions: experience, strength, and introspection. ~Three things beside which the baneful cannot be: conformity to law, knowledge, and love.
~Three things must wait long before they are attained: honesty from covetousness, wisdom from arrogance , and wealth from sloth.
~Three things hard to obtain: cold fire, dry water, and lawful covetousness.
~Three duties of the excellent person: to cherish their mate and children, to love their country, and to obey the laws of their people.
~Three manifestations of excellence : the honoring of parents, the respecting of the aged, and instructing the young; and to this a fourth, defending of infancy and innocence.
~Three reasons for supplicating to the Mighty Ones: because it is a pleasure to you, that you may be a friend of those who are wise, and because your soul is immortal.
~Three reasons to war against fault: to not do to others as you would not have them do to you , that you not be arrogant , that you might always let the light of wisdom shine.
~Three ways to lose excellence: to become a servant to one’s passions, to not learn from the examples set by others, to indulge to excess.
~Three fair things that hide ugliness: good manners in the ill favored; skill in a common person; wisdom in misshapen.
~Three candles that illume every darkness: truth, nature, and knowledge.


~There are three people accursed: they who work against the Laws of Nature without concern, they who know nothing of the Mighty Ones and do not seek to learn, and they who know much and do not share their knowledge with any other.
~Three kinds of evil people: the traitor, the conspirator, and the slanderer.
~Three people hateful to the Mighty Ones and to human kind: the liar, the thief, and the miserly scrooge.
~Three kinds of people worthless to they who are just and honest: the drunkard, the perjurer, and the traitor.
~Three kinds of people without the fear of the Mighty Ones: the traitor, the ravisher, and the miser.
~Three chief attributes of a person likely to do wrong: an angry countenance, an arrogant spirit, and an insatiable covetousness.
~Three marks of a thief: an inquisitive tongue, a curious eye and a fearful face.
~Three things needful to one who has done wrong: to acknowledge their wrong, to seek to be upright, and to make restitution.
~From three people keep yourself: the joyless, the mocker, and the one who laughs at lawless doings.
~Three people easy to do without: they who do no benefit to any, they who bring no joy to any, and they who keep not peace with any.
~Three who are best when they are farthest off: the fulsome flatterer, the contentious slanderer, and the lying tale-bearer.
~Three things which gain daily and seek continually: the sea, a drunkard, and a miser.
~Three rude ones in the world: a youngster mocking an old person; a robust person mocking an invalid; a wise man mocking a fool.
~Three signs of a fop: the track of his comb in his hair; the tract of his teeth in his food; the track of his stick behind him.

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