PP – Raging Hormones Pt.2

The Puberty Woes 2 – First Blood Ritual Construction
By Jodi Lee
~Originally Published September 2000~
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Welcome back! In the last article we discussed the fragile state some girls are in just prior and following their first cycles. I want to get away from the possible nasties now, and focus on what can be a great experience for a girl during her first blood. hey, maybe I can get this into two articles instead of three!!

If you are a mom (or dad) of a pre-pubescent girl, be warned, no amount of preparation will guard you from the tears and emotions that are about to spring forth. However, she will need your arms to hold her, your voice to soothe her, and your time to help her prepare. You may not want the job – but you got it! The following is just a few tips and suggestions. If you are a pagan family, and your little girl has been studying and/or practicing magick, I do advise you to either watch her closely, or suspend studies and practice while the hormones rage. Once they are under control a little, it will be safe to resume. That is from personal experience – ragin’ hormones and magick just don’t mix well!!

First, have you had “the talk” with her yet? If not, I urge you to sit her down and explain what is happening in her body, and what is coming. Have a package of sanitary napkins on hand to show her, and show her how they are used (Tampons are not generally recommended for first blood, save that for later). Let her ask questions, and be ready for some tough ones! Be prepared to share your first blood experience with her – she will need to know you understand what she’s feeling. Ask her questions, as she will also need to know you are interested. Once “the talk” is underway, you can begin asking her what she would like to do to celebrate.

For those girls that have already been exposed to the old ways, and perhaps have already started work on their own little rituals, let them get on with it. She will know what to say and do for herself, remember Mom, this is her day. For those girls that haven’t really delved into magickal studies, make sure a First Blood ritual is what she really wants. If not, don’t push the subject, but let her decide when it is time. In any case, most girls will want a friend or two with them, and magickal or mundane, it is best they have the ritual explained to them. This especially applies to any family members that she may want present. If your mother and sister don’t know your family’s religious path, and you don’t want to tell them, gently explain to your daughter why. If they are aware, but have never attended such a ritual, explain it to them, and perhaps they will want to help. And of course, for those pagans lucky enough to be of a family of witches – they’ll all be waiting patiently for orders on how they can help! Many things can be planned, such as an actual circle, a coming of age rite as designed by others, a slumber party – anything she wishes to do to celebrate.

Remember – this is your daughter’s most important step in her adolescence – let her do and write what comes to her, offering only advice on ritual construction, and circle etiquette.

I highly recommend the book Circle Round (Starhawk, Diane Baker and Anne Hill) for guidance on teens and circles and rituals. It’s a great book!!

Watch for the next in the series – Raging Hormones – The Puberty Woes Part 3 – Sample Ritual.

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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