PP – Raging Hormones Pt.3

Raging Hormones – The Puberty Woes 3 – First Blood Sample Ritual
By Jodi Lee
~Originally Published September 2000~
(see author/copyright info below)

The following is a brief ritual outline that I have written myself. I don’t know if one of my girls, or one of my family members will use this ritual, or want to write their own – but I missed out on doing it for myself, so perhaps I am making it up to myself (at least in my own mind! ;-) ) Please remember, I wrote it as prose, not as an actual scripted Ritual. I hope you enjoy!

The Night of First Blood-

She’s sitting quietly contemplating her body. Relaxed now, most of the excitement over, she plans the evening’s activities. She isn’t giving her mother and family much warning, but they have all gathered here in anticipation. They remember how important this night is to a young girl. And, she knows if she makes an error in the basics, her mom will help her.

She scribbles notes on pages from her diary. Her mother will stand in the center of the circle as she, herself, casts. The cord she has crocheted over the last several months will go ’round her waist, and the other end will be around her mom’s. Grandmother and aunts will be at the directions. She has prompted them to speak their mind as she comes to them – to say something significant to her about her youth, about her future, about memories. Once the circle is cast, she’ll invite them all to come to the “center” of her universe – her mom. All will watch as her mom cuts the cord, releasing her to be her own person. The feast can wait as they share wine and cakes with the Lady of the Moon, and release the circle. After the feast, she’ll surprise them with her magickal name.

The Ritual-

Mom-Center circle
Aunt(or friend)-North
Aunt(or friend)-East
Aunt(or friend)-South

Girl- Approaches mom, ties cord around her waist, and attaches the other end to her own waist. As the family settles into positions, she grounds herself. Standing with arms held wide and head thrown back to the Moon, she sees roots growing from her feet, anchoring her solidly to the Earth.

Girl- “Tonight is my First Blood ritual. I thank you for joining me.”

She moves to the West, beginning with the oldest member there, her grandmother. Looking her grandmother directly in the eyes, she tells her of her memories of their times together when she was a child – “…but I am child no longer. I ask as maiden, that the Guardians of the West join my circle, lending their protection, sharing our feast.” Her grandmother then speaks of her memories, and acknowledges she is no longer a child, but a maiden. She kisses her grandmother on the forehead, and moves on.

She casts silently as she moves to each aunt or friend in each direction, recalling memories, calling the Guardians, and hearing the memories of others. As she moves on, she kisses each on the forehead.

Finally, she comes to her mother, standing in the center, with tears in her eyes. She calls on the Lady to join the circle, to help her celebrate this important night.

Mother, at your feet I learned so many things…you have been my stone, my protector, my shoulder to cry on. Tonight I move forward to a new phase with open eyes and the security you have given me. I am child no longer, I ask that the Lady herself comes to my circle, blesses me with her presence, and shares our joy.” She kisses her mother on the forehead, and signals that the others come to the center now as well, to hear her mother speak.

I knew you before you were born. I kept you close even after birth. You will always be my baby, my child, my cub – I do acknowledge you as maiden, no longer physically child. My arms will always hold you in love, but now they set you free.” Her mother speaks through tears, and the two of them cut the cord that binds them together. She runs, laughing round and round the circle, the energies raising until they all sit and it’s released.

She opens the wine her father has given her for this night. His only allowable contribution, he chose lovingly. The cakes were made by her hand that afternoon, and they all shared in the joy.

May you never hunger, nor ever thirst.” the blessing is said as each one takes a sip and a bite. The rest she leaves for the Lady.

After a while of talking, memories, storytelling, laughing and tears, she rises to release the circle in her own way. She runs wild counter-clockwise, spinning in place at each direction, releasing the Guardians in her happiness, knowing they will come again.

The Circle is open, but never broken. So mote it be.

Jodi Lee – is a freelance writer/editor living in southern Manitoba, Canada.
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